10 Reasons To Go Paddling

At ACK we love paddling for a number of reasons- but we don’t want to focus on why we are obsessed!

We took to our Facebook page and asked all of our customers what makes them want  to go out

Werner SUP Paddles
Werner SUP Paddles

paddling and got some great answers. Y’all answered with everything from waking up to getting excited about the weather hitting 55 – so we thought we’d share a few with you.

Here are some of our favorites:

  1. A bad week at work! Plus a beautiful sunny day!

  2. A good 6 inch rain

  3. When I’m out on the water all of the BS in life disappears for a while

  4. Rain, snow, sleet, hail and even sun makes me want to go paddling

  5. Work!

  6. Good weather and good friends

  7. Owning my first kayak I bought at demo day

  8. Just being out there. Fishing is fun but the joy of paddling makes it special

    Sunset Paddle
    Post-Work Paddle
  9. It’s such a peaceful and relaxing time that I get to share with my husband/wife and no other distractions

  10. Fishing!

  11. The “itch”

Of course we cant forget about some of the smart answers y’all sent in like “I don’t need no stinkin’ reason!” and “Why would you need a reason?!”

We have to give it to them though- a paddler never needs a reason to get out on the water.

Kayak Bass Fishing Texas Open

There’s Never Been a Better Time for Freshwater Kayak Fishing in Texas

Bobby Clark snagging a nice bass from his kayak.
Bobby Clark snagging a nice bass from his kayak.

A few years ago you would be hard pressed to find a kayak fishing tournament in Texas for freshwater anglers. Certainly they existed, but mostly hidden among forums or in the minds of those in the know. Today, it’s a different story, with multiple tournament series holding monthly events and one-shot events popping up left and right. And ya, the best place to find Texas kayak fishing tournament information is still going to be local forums like Austin Kayak FishingTexas Kayak Fisherman or Texas Fishing Forum.

Kayak Bass Fishing Texas Open Joins The Scene

The most recent of these events to appear in the Texas scene is called the Kayak Bass Fishing Texas Open. What’s exciting about this event is that it aims to unite a widespread demographic of Texas anglers, separated mostly by region in the state.

“I’m hoping it will bring three big segments of Texas kayak anglers together for one big event,” says tournament director Bobby Clark, “You have your Austin and Dallas guys already competing regularly in tournament trails and events and then there’s those of us in Houston just now putting stuff together. The goal of this event is appeal to all of these people.”

And Clark has picked a perfect venue to do just that, Houston County Lake, which resides pretty close to the middle of all three major metropolitan areas.  Already, he says it’s off to a good start with nearly 50 pre-registered competitors when I checked in with him a week ago.

Supporting a Good Cause

Another great thing about the Kayak Bass Fishing Texas Open is that it will be supporting a good cause as 10% of all the entry fees and 100% of all raffle ticket proceeds will be going to the Texas chapter of Heroes on the Water. And with raffle prizes ranging from an ACK donated kayak, a custom engraved BlackPak from YakAttack, fishing gear and more, there’s plenty of reason to help raise money via the raffle!

Lots of sponsors, including ACK, have signed up!
Lots of sponsors, including ACK, have signed up!

Interested in competing? Here’s what you need to know:

Date: Oct. 5th
Time: 6:00 AM Launch Time and 2:00 PM Weigh In, with a mandatory 5:30 AM Captain’s Meeting
Location: Houston County Lake Crockett Family Resort
Registration: $75
Big Bass: $10

Competitors will be required to bring a Hawg Trough measuring device as well as a PFD, to be worn at all times. See complete details in the official tournament rules.

Hope to see you there!


Kayak Camaraderie – It’s Everywhere

I stopped on my way to San Marcos to get a sandwich last week and was thoroughly enjoying my lunch when another guest of the sandwich shop asked me if the kayaks on that car out there were in fact mine. I acknowledged that they indeed were. He gave me the run down on his setup, asked me about mine and we talked about new boats he was looking at.  He asked if I was a forum member and I acknowledged I was a member of TexasKayakFisherman.com and AustinKayakFishing.com. Our little sport has a lot of camaraderie to it. It’s nice that he felt comfortable enough to ask a total stranger that question and that we could engage in chit chat over our sandwiches. I’m not sure his female companion enjoyed me monopolizing his time but it is what it is. Chris @ACK

An Interview with Dennis Hermes of AustinKayakFishing.com

Each February, while most folks are still in a deep sleep comfortably under cozy warm covers, there is a unique group of anglers preparing to launch an armada of plastic boats into misty cold waters in anticipation and hope of catching the big ones. I imagine a small handful of these guys are wondering, “what am I getting myself into” but I also imagine that when they get that first bite, the adrenalin kicks into full gear and it’s game on with no turning back!

That imagination actually comes from my own experience. Admittedly I have only fished one kayak fishing tournament, which was years ago, but it helped me understand what it is that keeps these anglers determined to finish out a tournament series, specifically the Kayak Angler’s Tournament Series (KATS). This event is hosted and managed by Dennis Hermes of AustinKayakFishing.com, a website community that is dedicated to the sport of kayak fishing in central Texas. I had a chance to sit with Dennis to get some additional insight as to how all this got started and through our conversation, he offers some advice for those considering their participation in such an event.

Dennis Hermes, AKF (AustinKayakFishing.com)

Tell us a little bit about AustinKayakFishing.com and how it all got started.

I have been an avid fisherman most of my life, starting out on the bank as a kid with my Zebco 303. As I got older and my family grew, I progressed through all the levels of boats (rowboat through bay boat). Of course, my kids grew up and I found myself fishing solo more often than not so figured that a kayak would suit my needs perfectly. I bought my first one (Mainstream Kingfisher) and was hooked. There was very limited information about kayak fishing in this area at the time so I created a website just for that purpose, thus AKF (www.austinkayakfishing.com) was launched in May 2006.

What about KATS, how did all this come about?

Prior to AKF, a friend of mine had started a fishing forum and I had the bug to put on a fishing tourney strictly for kayak fishermen on area lakes. He had the means and I had the motivation so we put on the BAKO (Bastrop Area Kayak Open) in March 2005. It was a great success so I knew that there was an interest in doing more events. The following year, I started my own forum and had everything in place so the KATS was born.

I’ve attended many KATS events and it seems like you put a lot of effort into it. I imagine this takes up a lot of time. What drives you to keep doing this?

Interesting question Roland…at first, my drive was to just have an outlet where like-minded anglers could get together and go kayak fishing. As the series grew, I realized that I really enjoyed the competition factor of tournament fishing, especially after winning the 2009 KATS. In short, I really enjoy the challenge of putting on a good event and the fellowship of the anglers, that’s what keeps me going.

For those unfamiliar with kayak fishing tournaments, can you tell us more about what one could expect at this other similar events?

One can expect to get up very early and fish all day (LOL). By the time it is over, you will be spent physically. Kayak fishing is unlike powerboat fishing where you turn the key and go. Effort is required to move you and your gear from spot to spot and get back to the weigh in on time.

Can you also offer some additional insight as to how an angler would “weigh-in”?

Our weigh-in process has been forged from trial and error over the past few years due to several unique problems. Most of the lakes we compete on are slot lakes. This means that fish between 14-21″ cannot be retained. Unlike typical bass fishing events, we have no live weigh in due to the slot limit. Instead, we opt to use the CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) method and score our catches based on the fish’s length as determined by a judge in reviewing the angler’s photos at weigh in. The anglers score their longest 5 bass that are 14″ or greater, high score wins. I do have rules in place for ties and photo criteria that must be met. All this information is posted on my website so everyone knows what I expect from them at the weigh in.

What about KATS? Aside from a regional focus on central Texas, can you offer some insight as to what makes this event unique?

Don’t know if there is really anything unique about the KATS as kayak fishing tourneys have been happening well before my time. I do want to make the event enjoyable for all the anglers and make them feel as if they have received their moneys worth. I do this by posting rules and implementing them fairly, announcing a schedule of events and sticking to the time line, providing food/drinks at the end of a long day of fishing, and trying to treat everyone as I would like to be treated.

(Side note, Dennis and his wife make an amazing chili! – RJ)

If one were to want to participate in next year’s event, what do they need to do and how should they prepare?

The KATS is open to all kayak anglers regardless of age or ability. Obviously, the 2011 KATS is completed. This series takes several months of preparation and I will begin work on the 2012 KATS by Sept. 2011. If you are planning on fishing in one or more of the events, do register on the AKF forum where we discuss many of the aspects of the events. Once everything is finalized, I will launch the 2012 KATS page by late December 2011 so watch for it and come join in on the fun!

Speaking of next year, when do you think the next series will begin?

The KATS will always begin late January or early February. I do one event a month, wrapping up the series in early May. This works for us because I focus on the power generating lakes early in the year when the bass are spawning and follow with natural lakes/rivers later in the year as the weather (and water) warms.

Don’t need all of your secrets here but if you had any advice that may help someone win this tournament what would it be?

IMHO it all boils down to preparation and luck. You are allowed to fish the lake where the current event is being held up to 5 days prior to the event, after that it will be OFF LIMITS to fishing until launch time. Do go and pre-fish the lake several times to locate potential areas that hold fish. Note weather conditions, when, where and how you caught fish and either remember or log that info. Come game day you should have a solid plan in place BUT be open to adapt to changing conditions. Making the right choices is what it is all about and preparation gives you an advantage, but a little luck can go a long way in making the grade.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

In closing I would like to say that I am not doing this alone. With the help of KATS sponsors such as ACK, the events are drawing more people every year, in part due to all the great prizes given away. The tourneys are a great outlet to go get some exercise, fish, and meet people that enjoy the sport as much as you do. I do hope while reading this interview that anglers consider joining us in 2012. Best fishes till then!

Mark Nordstrom

Thanks Dennis, it was a pleasure and we look forward to being a part of this event once again next year. For those of you thinking about joining the AKF community, click here — it’s a friendly and valuable resource for any kayak angler of any state.

With that, we’d like to congratulate all winners of the 2011 KATS, and specifically Mark Nordstrom, who won the Kayak Angler of the Year Award. Mark is now the proud owner of an Ocean Kayak Trident 13 Angler that ACK donated amongst of a variety of other prizes and gift certificates.


Get Ready, It’s “KATS” Season!

No, not those fuzzy things that roam the streets at night but rather the Kayak Anglers Tournament Series put together and managed by the good folks at AustinKayakFishing.com. If you are not familiar with AustinKayakFishing.com, it’s a forum and resource portal owned by Austin resident Dennis Hermes and is dedicated to the sport of kayak fishing in central Texas. Since 2007, AKF has been organizing KATS as a way that kayak anglers can truly put their skills to the test. Unlike many kayak fishing tournaments, this one is unique in that it consists of 4-5 events on different lakes throughout the area. This not only gives kayak anglers a chance to redeem themselves if they didn’t do well a previous event, it also gives them an opportunity to experience different challenges in a variety of environments and weather conditions. While the tournament series is based out of Austin, Texas people from all over the state travel to each event to join in the fun.

This year, Austin Kayak Fishing is proud to announce the return of another season for the Kayak Angler Tournament Series. The line up of events has returned to 5 separate events, two new lakes have been added and most important, two separate divisions have been created so anglers of all levels of experience can participate. The first event is slated for January 29th at Lake Austin and Lady Bird Lake. Keep in mind that pre-entry closes on the 26th though. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Austin Canoe and Kayak is once again honored to be a key sponsor offering a kayak as a grand prize along with a variety of kayak gear and store gift certificates at each event. Furthermore, we are hosting the first ever KATS Q&A at the Austin store this Saturday, January 22nd at 2pm. This will be a great opportunity to learn about the history of the event, ask questions from the man himself, Dennis Hermes and you’ll also have the opportunity to sign up on-site.

If you’ve been thinking about participating in this event, we do encourage you to do it and hope to see you on the water on January 29th.

Planning to attend? We know you won’t share all of your secrets with us but we do want to know what kayak you are planning to use by commenting below.

Hope to see you there!

Roland J.
ACK Headquarters