New Faces To ACK Customer Service Team!

Changes For The ACK Customer Service Team

The 2013 summer has marked some big changes for the ACK Customer Service Team and we wanted to give you a better idea of who you’re talking to when you call in to for assistance. We were sad to see two amazing representatives leave our team at the beginning of the summer to pursue new adventures. Rob Abercrombie is venturing on the Alaskan Frontier; guiding teens on paddling trips. Stephanie Borel is tackling her master’s degree in environmental biology in Oklahoma.

With these two all-stars leaving us and the busy summer months upon us, we are very excited to announce that three new members have joined team ACK! Please help us in welcoming Cassandra Matela, James Grantham & Kelsey Queen! You may have already had a chance to talk with these three when calling into but we thought it’d be nice to give you a face to put with their name & voice.

Meet The New Team Members

ACK Customer Service Team Members
Welcome new ACK Customer Service team members
Cassandra, James & Kelsey!

Cassandra comes to ACK via Hawaii, where she grew up on the beaches which nurtured her love for paddling, surfing & hiking. She’s lived in Austin for a while now and really enjoys the lifestyle here.

James is not only new to ACK but Austin as well. He hails from Elizabeth City, NC and has lived near the ocean all his life. He’s an outdoor enthusiast & amateur nature photographer and is very excited to join the team!

Kelsey came to Austin at the age of 10 from Kansas and is proud to have kept her (somewhat) Yankee accent. She’s big into skiing and says that snowboarding is on her short list of things to learn.

Help us welcome these three by commenting below. Next time you call into, they just might be the ones to pick up the phone.



Employee Spotlight: Kyle Blair – Customer Service Representative

Kyle Blair

He is originally from small town west Texas but eventually made his way to beautiful Austin and we are sure glad he did. Blair has already proven to be a valuable team member providing the level of customer service you’ve come to expect from ACK.

Blair, always prepared!

Blair received his BS Degree in Environmental Science from Abilene Christian University and after graduating moved to Western Wyoming for a couple of years. He has worked in the outdoor educational industry and also did some wildlife research for a consulting firm. While living in Wyoming, fly-fishing became his hobby, spending the majority of his free time floating rivers and fishing streams. He has also guided for two different organizations, which took him all over the United States backpacking, paddling and sailing — he’s quite the outdoorsman!

We’d also like to use this opportunity to congratulate Blair as he recently got married and is currently off enjoying his honeymoon. Welcome aboard Kyle…err, Blair!

Kustomer Service

Sign Just Outside the ACK Kustomer Service Office

Our Kustomer Service team has recently grown again and with that came an idea. Our customers always say that at ACK our Kustomer Service is different and stands above the rest. That’s when I realized that we should be calling it Kustomer Service.  Why Kustomer service with a “K”?

Well aside from being different, it isn’t rare for people to replace a “C” with a “K” in a name. For instance, Tastykakes (Philly fans understand) does it, in college we had CampusKuts (hair cut place) and of course there is Krispy Kreme. Then there’s the obvious — we sell Kayaks, but there is another reason we could, and possibly should, spell our Kustomer Service with a “K”. In honor of our employees. Anyone that has been around longer than a year knows that Kate was the original face of our customer service team. Then, last year, we added Kyle (he’s also our unofficial product model) and just recently, we added Kyle. Yes, another Kyle — we’ll be highlighting him in a future issue of our newsletter.

So for all the reasons mentioned above, Kustomer Service it is!

Give a quick shout out to the ACK Kustomer Service team by commenting below — they certainly enjoy a little love.