2013 Hobie Pro Angler 12 – Features

About a month ago, I was fortunate enough to pick up a brand new Hobie Pro Angler 12 from Austin Canoe and Kayak (Burnet Rd. store).  This review is done in parts and you can see the other articles where I  discuss the seating system, some basic first installations and, of course, how it fished.  Let’s start with the features:

Pivoting Tackle Management System

The Pro Angler has a large hatch with the pivoting tackle management system. This is absolutely great. The hatch is built to last and provides a space big enough to actually put a bunch of stuff in.

When you open the hatch, the tackle trays pivot up and are right there for you to access.

For me, the absolute best use of this space is to put items in the boat that I do not plan on taking out. For me, it’s terminal tackle. Things like, worm hooks, weights, swimbait hooks, carolina rigging items, shakey heads, scrounger heads, Paydirt Ball ‘n chains…etc etc.

Front Hatch

The front hatch is secured by two bungees and is pretty spacious. It is easily accessible while out on the water while sitting or standing. The white hatch liner insert is removable to allow for even more storage.

Rod Tubes

The PA comes equipped with 4 horizontal rod tubes near the front hatch. I have stored rods up to 7’6″ with very little to no overhang. My 8ft crankbait rods will fit but they stick out past the gear pockets.

Back Hatch

The back hatch is located between the seat and rudder and provides additional storage options including an oval hatch with a gear organizer. I will probably end up using this for first aid related items. Things that are always good to have but you won’t need them every time out.

Flush Mounted Rod Holders

Additionally, the PA 12 has two pre-molded flush mount rod holders near the rear hatch, one on either side. Each rod holder has it’s own rubberized cover that keeps water out (or in my case, those dang bees that think they own my garage).

Crate Compatibility

Even though the PA 12 has ample rod and tackle storage, I still wanted to be able to affix my crate to the boat. Before I had gotten the boat, I had already planned out how I was going to attach the crate. I had plans to install an extra set of pad eyes to accommodate it. When it came time, I quickly realized that there was nothing to do except to clip the bungees to the perfectly placed tie downs that already existed. Man these guys thought of everything!


The Seat

Rudder Control

The rudder is spring loaded and is released by pulling the rudder cord out of the cam.

Once the rudder is deployed, you have one main steering handle (pictured below on the left) and one trim control (pictured below on the right). There are interchangeable so you can put them on whichever side you prefer. Steering with either one works for me. They are very simple to use and extremely responsive.

Mirage Drive

The mirage drive is a piece of cake to install each time out. It slides into this large scupper and is secured by these locking mechanisms.



The PA 12 has a little bit of weight to it, but it comes equipped with two great handles. They really make it a breeze to move around. Front handle is pictured on the left and the rear handle is pictured on the right.

That’s it for the basic features. See some of the first installations I’ve made on it, including a fish finder mount and anchor trolley, here. Be sure to keep an eye out for my fish-ability review that I will be adding after a couple more outings with it! Thanks for reading.

2013 Hobie Pro Angler 12 – Basic Installations

About a month ago, I was fortunate enough to pick up a brand new Hobie Pro Angler 12 from Austin Canoe and Kayak (Burnet Rd. store). I decided to give it a very in depth review and in this section I’ll focus on installing a fish finder and anchor trolley. You can find what I had to say about the features of the kayak, take in depth look at the seat and, of course, read how it fished.

Fish Finder Installation

When I first got the boat home, my first objective was to install my Humminbird FF. The PA has a recessed area with a “Lowrance ready” transducer install bracket/plate. The plate is removed by unscrewing 3 brass screws. Here is a shot of the exposed area.

The Humminbird transduer does not fit into the bracket “as is”, so at the time I made do with some zip ties and components that came with the Humminbird transducer. After a little research, I found that Hobie makes an adapter that allows for a clean install of the H-bird transducer. I had to swing by ACK San Marcos to pick up a stake out pole and the guys over there were more than happy to order a couple of them for me (one for a friend). A week later, they were in.

Installing the transducer to the plate with the adapter was PIECE OF CAKE and took all of about 3 mins.

Run the transducer cable up through the scupper and into the pre drilled pass through. The PA comes with a tree of rubber inserts so it’s just a matter of selecting the correct insert for the cable you are running.

It takes a little bit of effort to get in and reach the back side of the insert to screw and unscrew it but it’s not anything that cannot be done in a matter of a few minutes. The cable(s) are then run to the front of the boat (either left or right side) and run through the fitting. Same as the one in the back, you must select the correct insert to compliment the cable configuration you have. The accessory mounting boards on either side give you endless options on where and how to mount your fish finder. I choose to use a RAM mount and it works great.

One thing I noticed after my last trip out, was that the space between the transducer and the flat area of the transducer bracket plate had filled with mud. I don’t think it’s really an issue at all but you find yourself going through the muck and mud on a regular basis, it might do you some good to take the 30 seconds when you get home to run a hose in the scupper under the seat (where your transducer cable comes out). It should flush out pretty good just by doing that.

Anchor Trolley Installation

After a trip out in the PA 12, I decided to install a anchor trolley. There is a specific trolley kit for the Hobie 12/14 so keep that in mind when you purchase one. It was a breeze to install as all you have to do is remove the plastic caps from the brass inserts on the boat and screw everything in. It’s really that simple. 

What is an Anchor Trolley?

Written by Adam Hayes Yak Angler

Anchor trolleys allow you to move the anchor from the bow to the stern or vice versa. You may need to anchor from a certain point on the boat depending on the current.



That’s it! Its a whole lot easier to drop and retrieve your anchor (in deeper water) from the side of the kayak. However, that’s usually not the ideal anchor point (think pivot point) on the kayak. Continue reading What is an Anchor Trolley?