Werner Hooked Paddles Land at ACK!

Get excited kayak anglers! A new shipment of Werner Hooked Paddles have landed at ACK and they can’t wait to hit the water. These paddles are made for fishing and…wait, how can a paddle be made for fishing?

What Makes a Great Kayak Fishing Paddle?

Fishing with Werner. Photo Credit: Werner Paddles.
Fishing with Werner. Photo Credit: Werner Paddles.

Werner Paddles believes that a great paddling paddle makes a great kayak fishing paddle. For decades, they’ve been making just that, and kayak anglers from all over have been taking advantage. A high performing paddle means less fatigue, more time on the water and more fish in the boat. To compliment the performance of their paddles, Werner has taken their most popular designs and given them a kayak fishing makeover with new color options and graphics. The result is their new Werner Hooked Paddles.

Lineup of Werner Hooked Paddles

The new Werner Hooked Paddle series includes a line-up of four different popular models. The Camano and Skagit for low angle paddlers and the Shuna and Tybee for high angle paddlers (ideal for wider boats and those with elevated seating).

Camano: A great combination for paddlers who want gentle power and relaxed all around touring stroke. Features Werner’s award winning low angle mid-sized blade design.

Shuna: Werner’s most popular model for high angle paddlers with plenty of power yet also light and durable so it’s great for active or relaxed paddling.

Tybee: A great mix of performance and value and popular model for high angle paddlers who enjoy a faster cadence in their paddling stroke.

Skagit: Unbeatable value for a fishing paddle that is suited well for new entrants and experienced fishing kayakers alike. Has a low angle mid-sized blade design.

Order Now & Score a Free Subscription to Kayak Fish Magazine !

As if the paddle wasn’t enough, Werner has partnered up with Kayak Fish Magazine to offer a free year long magazine subscription to anyone who purchases one of these new paddles. Check out the video below for details:

Already bought one? Just head here to claim your free subscription: http://www.kayakfishmag.com/editors-pick/werner-hooked/

All the Characteristics of a Good Kayak Fishing Paddle

Werner's Shuna Fiberglass Paddle
Werner’s Shuna Fiberglass Paddle

Kayak fishing is a booming sport and we have tons of paddling anglers on the lookout for gear suited specifically for their needs. It’s been a common preference among these sportsmen and women to paddle wider sit-on-top kayaks and use taller, elevated seats or even stand up to increase their line of sight for casting. The result is that their paddles need to be longer and often, more aggressive to take advantage of the high angle that comes from sitting in an elevated seat or standing.

Our friends at Werner Paddles have delivered a pair of paddles that are both of these things. Their Shuna and Tybee paddles are now available at ACK in straight shaft lengths up to 250 cm! Of the two, the Shuna is more suited for advanced paddlers looking to upgrade to a higher performing & lighter weight paddle while the Tybee offers Werner quality at a great value, which makes it a great fit for entry or intermediate level paddlers. Both of these products should be considered if you’re a kayak angler on the look-out for a new, high-quality paddle!