6 Reasons to Get Your Kayak Lit Up with SuperNova LED Lights

SuperNova LED LightsWondering why you should invest in SuperNova LED Lights for your kayak?

The super bright LED strips from SuperNova offer the kayaker many advantages. Here’s 6 reasons to get your kayak lit with SuperNova:

1. Safety First: Increased visibility of SuperNova LED Lights gives you peace of mind that everyone else on the water knows you’re there. These things are extremely bright!

2. Long Lasting Durability: Not only will they get you seen, but SuperNova LED Light Kits they are durable, submersible and salt water ready.

3. Color Options: Blue strips…or green? Blue SuperNova LED lights are bright enough to light structures for casting at a distance and their UV qualities work well with fluorescent line. Green are a bit brighter and attract bait by the net full.

4. Light Up Your Work Space: Position them in the kayak’s cockpit or seating area as task or indirect lighting to help with tying line or bait selection. Blue is easier on your night vision but green is brighter and renders color best.

5. Storage Space Lighting: Place them in your rear tankwell or inside a hatch to make it easy to locate your tackle, rod or favorite frosty beverage. No more fumbling around in the dark!

6. Custom Solutions Available: If the kits at ACK.com aren’t exactly what you’re looking for, contact our customer service team at customer@austinkayak.com or 888-828-3828 and we’ll arrange a quote for your idea or specific need.

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ACK.com Gets a Little Brighter with Help from Supernova Fishing Lights

Supernova Fishing Lights are here!
Supernova Fishing Lights are here!

Supernova Fishing Lights Have Landed at ACK.com

I’m excited to announce that Supernova Fishing Lights have made it onto ACK.com! I’ve gotten to see the Supernova Fishing Lights in action during our Kayak Angler Tournament Series and let me tell you – these things rock. While intended for the avid fisherman, these fishing lights are the perfect lighting solution for any paddler travelling during early mornings or late at night. Mounting lights to your kayak is an important step to paddling in the dark as they provide increased visibility to motorized vehicles.

Bring the Bait To You

What makes Supernova Fishing Lights so great for kayak fishing is that they attract small fish like shad and minnows in freshwater or shrimp and menhaden at the coast.

The lights at work.
The lights at work.

The presence of these bait fish will attract the predators that like to feed on them…your game fish. Your future dinner will soon be swimming up to your fishing spot to check out the action and have a little dinner themselves. Green lighting is most effective at achieving these results.

Customize Your Kayak the Way You Want

Position lighting on the outside of your kayak, in your tank well, cockpit, beneath it…well, you get the idea, put these lights anywhere on your kayak and make it look just how you want.  Once you add on a set of these lights, I guarantee you’ll love the way it looks!

Got a color in mind other than green and blue? We’ll work with you to create a custom lighting solution, just contact ACK customer service.

Supernova Fishing Lights in Action

See some images of different ways paddlers have used their Supernova Fishing Lights in the past: