Getting Dressed for Greek Sea Kayaking with Bomber Gear’s Solar 50 Rash Guard

After leaving for Greece just under a month ago to undergo an exciting sea kayaking adventure vacationCutter Aquatics paddling instructor, Barbara Cutter, reports back with intel on her experience with Bomber Gear’s Solar 50 Rash Guard.

Dress for Your Environment

Have I mentioned that in June it is hot in Greece? Not hot like Texas, the humidity is much lower so you don’t sweat just stepping outside. If fact, in Greece we live outside. It’s just 50 yards from our blue front door to the blue, blue sea, there is always a light breeze and the nights cool down, so sipping a Mythos (local beer) at the sidewalk Taverna is a perfect after dark pass time. But I digress. I was talking about heat and what to wear while sea kayaking.

Solar 50 Rash Guard
Barb Cutter wearing Bomber Gear’s Solar 50 Rash Guard

To my paddling customers visiting Greece I always recommend wide brimmed hats and loose fitting long sleeved shirts to protect from blazing sun, but what I say and what I do are different. I put on poly shorts with a sleeveless top, slather on SPF 30 and don my Cutter Aquatics cap. It’s my Greek paddling uniform. Truthfully, I put off trying out the Bomber Gear Solar 50 Rash Guard that Joseph at ACK asked me to pack for Mediterranean paddling. I thought it would be too hot.

Wrong! This shirt is made of comfy, comfy fabric. The seams are nice and flat and the shirt feels wonderful under my lifejacket. It never felt sticky when I was wet and it dried very quickly. I got a couple of compliments on the color, too. Who says gray is boring? With the teal stitching it is a great combination.

Understanding the Sizing for the Solar 50 Rash Guard

The big question is fit. How do you like to wear your shirts, ladies? I usually buy size large these days. I have a good sized frame, broad shoulders and an aging middle. The collar, neckline and sleeves of this shirt felt very good, but for a size large, I think it should be just a bit broader through the shoulders and, frankly, I need more room in the waist.

Take a look at these pictures:

The first is of a woman who usually buys size Small clothing. I think the shirt looks great on her, but I understand that Bomber Gear may think rash guards should fit snugly under a wet suit or PFD.

The next photo is a young woman who is a competitive cycler and very fit. She buys Medium sized clothing almost all of the time. I think this is a good fit. Shoulder seams look like they are in the right place, too.

Sadly, the final shot is me. I’m starting a diet just as soon as I finish all this great Greek souvlaki (skewered chicken, beef, lamb or pork served with tzatziki, wrapped in a fresh pita) and Mythos!






Sea Kayaking Goes Greek with Paddling Instructor Barbara Cutter

Five days and counting until καγιάκ περιπέτεια! (Kayaking adventure in Greek of course :-))

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Awesome ACK Gear  (Bomber Gear Solar-50 Rash GuardMandala Print K-Bomb Spray Skirt, and an AT Quest Paddle) ✓

It’s time for Cutter Aquatics paddling instructor, Barbara Cutter, to head out for the twelfth Cutter Aquatics Greek Adventure Vacation – Sea Kayaking in the Mediterranean.

Paddlers on a past trip to Greece.
Paddlers on a past trip to Greece.

Barb has been guiding paddling trips close to home and around the world since 2004. Destinations range from exploring the swampy bayous of Caddo Lake and Steel Magnolias trips down the Cane River in Natchitoches, LA to New Zealand, Scotland and, of course, Greece. Every year Poros Island has draws kayakers around the world back to the cerulean blue waters of the ancient Hellenic Republic, rich with history and culture, lively music and dancing and, of course, a magnificent and fresh cuisine.

Barb in one of her sea kayaks.
Barb in one of her sea kayaks.

An Instructor Trainer Educator for the ACA in Coastal Kayaking, River Kayaking and Canoe and Stand-up Paddleboarding, Barb enjoys leading paddlers, who have a passion for sharing the skills of the sport, through methods of teaching and coaching that will encourage people from all backgrounds to experience life on the water.

ACK is excited to have such an expert sea kayaker  reviewing some of our most popular gear. Stay tuned for updates from Poros, Island Greece, to see what Barb and her sea kayaking clients like most about the gear.

Do you take paddling vacations? We want to know! Comment below with your top destinations for paddling getaways.