Boondoggle 2014

Barrett with a snook

Boondoggle… What is it? Kayak Fishing Boondoggle is a bi-annual 4-day event held during President’s Day and Columbus Day weekends. Kayak anglers from all over the country meet up at a selected campground to fish, hang out with 468 like minded kayakers and check out all the new products in the vendor village.

The October 2014 was held at KARS Park, Merritt Island, FL.To get there Ryan from the Austin store, Juan Carlos ACK Fleet Sales Manger, and myself from the San Antonio store had to travel 1200+ miles with kayaks and fishing gear for both inshore and offshore. Continue reading Boondoggle 2014

Winter is Coming: Kayak Storage Solutions

Although we hate to admit it, it’s officially time to start thinking about kayakiStock_000019474758Small storage. With temperatures dropping and in many places, snowfall becoming more and more frequent, kayaks take a back seat to cozying up indoors and spending a little quality time next to the fireplace. With that said, we have a few storage tips and product recommendations to make your transition from fall to winter a breeze.

Step 1: Prepping Your Boat for Storage

Cleaning your boat and ensuring everything is secure and ready for Spring is an important step to take before storing your kayak for the winter. It will make spring feel that much sweeter when you finally take your kayak out for the first time and everything is ready to go! Continue reading Winter is Coming: Kayak Storage Solutions

Brad’s Journey to the Huntsville Half

Written by Brad Martin, ACK Web Content Manager

When you start college people talk about the “Freshman 15″ aka those 15 pounds one gains during theirunnamed-1 freshman year of college. Well, my Freshman 15 quickly turned into the Senior 55. I walked into college a slim 170lbs and walked out a round 225lbs. Needless to say, I enjoyed my years in Huntsville, Texas, home of the Sam Houston State University Bearkats!

After college I continued my upward trend in weight. Peaking at 253lbs, I was definitely what you would call round. Continue reading Brad’s Journey to the Huntsville Half

Hiking and Your Feet

Written by Dr. Jeffery W. LaMour at Family Foot & Ankle Clinichiking

Hiking is one of the easiest ways to engage in regular physical activity. Unlike many other athletic pursuits, hiking requires minimal equipment and can be done in almost any type of weather. Plus, there’s the added benefit of exploring the great outdoors while clearing your mind from everyday life. Since hiking typically involves walking on uneven terrain, it can help to develop and strengthen the lower body, but can also expose it to injury. We contacted the experts at Austin Canoe & Kayak (ACK) to give us some tips on how to keep feet and ankles injury-free while hiking. Continue reading Hiking and Your Feet

How to Choose a Trolling Rod Holder

Guest blog written by Andrew Moczygemba, Railblaza 

Rod Holder
Photo courtesy of Stephen Snider

This year, we have seen multiple big water kayaks like the Viking Reload and the Wilderness Thresher introduced to the market. While these are both all-purpose kayaks, they are designed for appeal to the offshore, beyond the breaker (BTB), kayak fishermen. Like these kayaks, their rod holder counterparts are technically all-purpose rod holders, some of which are designed for and appeal to the offshore kayak angler such as the Railblaza Rod Holder ||.

Most BTB anglers will be trolling baits with their rods locked in rod holders from time to time. In fact, some fish this way exclusively. Continue reading How to Choose a Trolling Rod Holder

Wilderness Systems AirPro MAX Seat

MAX Seat
Ride 115 MAX

Wilderness Systems upgraded their kayak seating in a big way with the newest addition to their Ride kayak series. They recently launched their brand new Ride MAX series featuring the Phase 3® AirPro MAX high/low seating system. In their recent press release Wilderness Systems says “The AirPro MAX preserves the popular innovations found in most Phase 3 seats- adjustability, comfort features and high-quality materials- yet it is a true advancement in design.”

MAX Seat
In Low Seat Position

“Made in the USA, with years of design and innovation and extensive testing, the Ride 115 MAX, Ride 115X MAX and Ride 135 MAX all featuring the Phase 3® AirPro MAX Seat are game changing for anglers of all skill levels. Wilderness Systems’ Pro Staff anglers were an integral part of the Phase 3® AirPro MAX design process (…) The contributions and feedback from the Pro Staff are reflected in every aspect of the seat, from the easy adjustability and installation to the premium durable materials used to build it.”

A few features of the Phase 3® AirPro Seat that really make it stand out include the option of three different seating positions: high, low, and recline, its height, which improves the ability to change from sitting to standing and back, the breathable mesh fabric that stays cool, dries quickly and is UV resistant and the easy to adjust seat positions giving you the ability to adjust your seat without having to un-clip or loosen straps. Continue reading Wilderness Systems AirPro MAX Seat

Fall Camping Essentials

With the hot days of summer becoming nothing but a sweet memory, camping takes on a fall campingwhole new life. Crisp mornings, perfect hiking weather and cozy campfire nights make fall camping a must-do for any outdoor enthusiast. Of course, with the change in weather comes a need for fall camping gear. With that in mind we have compiled a list of necessities you will want to have while out in the great outdoors.

Cold Weather Sleeping Bags

Although the weather during the day is absolutely beautiful, the nights will drop to increasingly cold temperatures while fall transitions into winter. Therefore, the ultralight sleeping bag you’ve been using this summer won’t cut it. Continue reading Fall Camping Essentials

Austin Canoe & Kayak Receives Sixth Bizrate® Circle of Excellence Award


ACK hits another milestone with sixth consecutive year of outstanding customer service award.

Austin, Texas (September 30, 2014) – Outdoor retailer, Austin Canoe and Kayak (ACK), a division of MSP Holdings, LLC is excited and honored to have received the Bizrate® Circle of Excellence award for the sixth year in a row.

The Bizrate Circle of Excellence award recognizes those online retailers within the Bizrate Insights Network who have demonstrated outstanding performance, as rated by their customers, throughout a one-year period. The ratings are from direct feedback, collected at the point-of-sale and after the delivery of goods, from customers concerning seven key satisfaction indicators.

The key satisfaction indicators measured for award eligibility are immediately post purchase: Overall Satisfaction, Product Selection, and Ease of Finding, and then after order receipt: Likelihood to Buy Again, Product Met Expectations, On-Time Delivery, and Satisfaction with Customer Support.

“Out of all of the awards we win this one is always the most special and I am elated to accept it for the sixth year in a row,” said Peter Messana, MSP Holdings, LLC CEO. Continue reading Austin Canoe & Kayak Receives Sixth Bizrate® Circle of Excellence Award

Thank You For Another Fantastic Fall Demo Days!


Our 2014 Fall Kayak Demo Days took place earlier this month and as usual we had a great time putting them on! ACK Demo Days are a company wide favorite not only because it give us the opportunity to interact with customers and manufacturer representatives twice a year, but we also get to do a little paddling of our own!

For those of you who are not familiar with ACK Demo Days, they are a bi-annual event that we have hosted since 2006. We host one in the spring and the other in the fall and are happy to say that every year both events seem to get a little bigger and grow a little stronger! Manufacturer representatives from all over the country come together along with their line-up of kayaks, paddle-boards, camping gear, and other accessories to give our customers a chance to try out their most recent upgrades and products. On top of what the manufactures bring, we include our own gear and kayaks for paddles all over Central Texas to test out completely free of charge. Continue reading Thank You For Another Fantastic Fall Demo Days!

Big Boats On Small Water: A Possibility Brought to you by C-TUG

Guest blog written by Matt Moccia, Hobie Pro Staff

c-tug For years I’ve enjoyed fishing out of a small kayak on various rivers and other small waters inaccessible to larger watercraft. The problem with this was they were inaccessible to vehicles as well, which meant limiting the amount of gear you could bring along. For a serious fisherman this is a problem.  This problem only grew once I upgraded to a larger kayak, a Hobie Pro Angler 12, and wanted to find an easy and efficient way to get it to these remote places. After trying some of the various kayak carts on the market with very limited success  I was introduced to the C-TUG. One of the first things that caught my eye was the load capacity and larger diameter airless tires. Continue reading Big Boats On Small Water: A Possibility Brought to you by C-TUG