Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack

The Gregory Baltoro Backpack  is the perfect storage and carrying system for backcountry trekkers and travelers alike. After I explain the main features of this pack, you will come to understand why it’s the perfect luggage transport system for both a Euro-trip as well as a week long 14er journey.

The backpack comes in three different sizes (small, medium, and large) and all are meant to withstand any climate and terrain equally. The pack is made with durable yet extremely lightweight materials that allow for the backpack itself to weigh only a light five pounds. The suspension and molded back panel are what set Gregory packs apart from the competition. Both features are meant to fit the shape of any lumbar spine, making it feel less heavy on your lower back and instead, it distributes weight throughout your entire body. Continue reading Gregory Baltoro 65 Backpack

The Ten Essentials: Part 2 of 3


Now where were we? Ah, yes, the third item in Ten Essentials “Systems”! Previously in The Ten Essentials: Part 1 of 3  we spoke about the creation of the basic Ten Essentials and its transformation into the Ten Essential “Systems”. We covered the importance of Navigation and Sun Protection, but in this entry we will talk about Insulation, Illumination, First-Aid Supplies, and Fire.

baot3. Continue reading The Ten Essentials: Part 2 of 3

The Ten Essentials: Part 1 of 3


A couple weeks ago in the How to Pack Your Kayak blog post I briefly mentioned an ACK oriented Ten Essentials list in efforts to assist in the proper packing of your kayak for long term adventure. The Ten Essentials are a must for any regular backcountry explorer but, from my experience, each item has also come in handy throughout my regular day to day voyages, whether it be the occasional box opening at work or braving the suspiciously dark apartment laundry room at home. In this blog post, I will go into detail about each essential, explaining why it is important for both our outdoor and indoor lifestyles, as well as which ACK products are best for the categories before us.

The group that originated The Ten Essentials in 1930 was a Seattle-based organization for climbers and outdoor adventurers called “The Mountaineers”. The list was constructed by the team to help like-minded individuals with preparation in case of outdoor emergencies. Throughout the years the list has been reconfigured and today it is currently resting in its eighth edition. 

Classic Ten Essentials

  1. Map
  2. Compass
  3. Sunglasses and sunscreen
  4. Extra clothing
  5. Headlamp/flashlight
  6. First-aid supplies
  7. Firestarter
  8. Matches
  9. Knife
  10. Extra food

Updated Ten Essential “Systems”

WordPress-navigation-widget1. Navigation (map and compass) – Being able to navigate your surroundings is important in everyday life so that you are able to arrive at your destinations on time, avoid finding yourself in more menacing parts of town, and so that you can locate the restaurant of your choice before you are altogether too hungry to concentrate. Continue reading The Ten Essentials: Part 1 of 3

Yeti Ice


If anything about Yeti strikes you as uniquely their own, you understand how they pride themselves on their products extreme durability, toughness, and mastery of keeping things colder than a polar bear’s toe nails. Yeti Ice is nothing short of your expectations. Not only does the Ice keep things chilled for a longer period of time but it temps food, beverages, etc. colder in a quicker time span. The shape aids in durability and portability, and the Ice comes in both 2lb and 4lb sizes making it perfect for lunch boxes, drift boxes, coolers, tailgating, or any carrier transporting refrigerated perishables.

Continue reading Yeti Ice

GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition Video Camera

GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition Video Camera

The GoPro HERO3+ Silver Edition Video Camera is a compact and powerful professional-quality video and photo machine. The built-in wifi enables the use of GoPro Apps to control the camera remotely, preview the shots you’ve taken, and share your masterpieces online or to your desktop. This device makes taking and sharing quick, on the go, and previously hard to take photos simpler than ever. The amazing 10MP photos can be shot in several different modes of your choice the rugged housing is waterproof up to 40 meters and even protects against wet, dirty, or sandy environments. More Information.

The 3 Rules of Warmth

jMost northerners know what it takes to stay warm on those cold winter nights, and I’m not talking about that magical liquid in the flask. Im talking about the gear you’ll need to hang out in the cold and not even notice that it’s -30 degrees. I’m a Texan that went to live in Colorado for a year to be a ski bum and I only wish a wise man had told me the 3 rules of warmth before I was months into freezing my butt off. A lot of people have their own recipes for staying warm. Momma always said, “wear some layers,” and I’m not going to contradict Momma (I was raised better than that), but that advice is a little vague when you find yourself leaving the house in a blizzard.  Continue reading The 3 Rules of Warmth

Big Boats On Small Water: A Possibility Brought to you by C-TUG

Guest blog written by Matt Moccia, Hobie Pro Staff

c-tug For years I’ve enjoyed fishing out of a small kayak on various rivers and other small waters inaccessible to larger watercraft. The problem with this was they were inaccessible to vehicles as well, which meant limiting the amount of gear you could bring along. For a serious fisherman this is a problem.  This problem only grew once I upgraded to a larger kayak, a Hobie Pro Angler 12, and wanted to find an easy and efficient way to get it to these remote places. After trying some of the various kayak carts on the market with very limited success  I was introduced to the C-TUG. One of the first things that caught my eye was the load capacity and larger diameter airless tires. Continue reading Big Boats On Small Water: A Possibility Brought to you by C-TUG

ICast Showcases New Hobie, Wilderness, and Old Town Kayaks

The 2014 ICAST Trade Show showcased a plethora of brand new kayaks that are a true advancement in the industry. Between Hobie’s Pro Angler 17T, Old Town’s Predator XL and Wilderness System’s Thresher 140, the innovation at this years ICAST was at an all time high. For your convenience we have broken down the soon-to-be newest additions to our kayak lineup and provided links to reviews as well as added the ability to pre-order.

Hobie Pro Angler 17 Tandem Kayak

Hobie introduced their brand new, ever-so-stylish, fully equipped, beast of a tandem kayak today at the ICAST. The PA 17T is set to be one of the hottest tandem kayaks on the market with some exciting new features that makes it stand far out and above the crowd.hobieproangler


  • Length: 17′
  • Width: 43.5″
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 230lbs
  • Capacity: 900lbs
  • Available: Late September- Early October 2014


The Pro Angler 17 T, although large in size, can be paddled tandem or solo and incorporates three steering controls allowing for the ultimate control you want in a kayak of this size. A drop-skeg has been added to improve tracking and steering. Another highlight of this model is the new Vantage XT Seating that is 5 inches taller than the previous Vantage seating. The Vantage XT can face forward or flip around so that paddlers are seated face-to-face while still being able to use the Mirage Drive. To create the ultimate kayak fishing experience, Hobie added their new H-Rail accessory attachment system. The 12-sided rail runs along both sides of the kayak, clamp accessories on the side, and can slide the length of the rail while being able to adjust at 30 degrees per pivot. Another fishing feature includes a built-in transducer mount making it Lowrance Ready and ample vertical and horizontal rod storage space. This all adds up to space for up to 12 fishing rods and the capability to install an anchor trolley, anchor, drift chute, or stake out pole.

Want more information or to pre-order the Hobie Pro Angler 14T? Click here.

Old Town Predator XL

Old Town rolled out their latest and greatest Predator, the Predator XL- a true upgrade to the rest of the family. It incorporates all the innovative Predator features while adding an industry changing Modular Console System designed for p_15442_260electronics, storage and power customization.


  • Length: 13′
  • Width: 36″
  • Weight (Without Consoles): 92 lbs
  • Capacity: 600 lbs
  • Available: Late October 2014


The Preadtor XL with Modular Console System is the latest adaptation of the Predator and has morphed into a fully evolved hybrid. The performance crafted tri-hull delivers incredible durability and strength while the hull itself is designed to offer superior stability and tracking. The Minn-Kota Console offers complete hands-free navigation and trolling with 45 lbs of variable thrust making it easy to coast across any kind of water mother nature throws at you. The slip resistant exo-ridge deck ensures that you and your gear will stay dry and secure during your entire ride- no matter the weather. The storage on the Predator XL is also first in its class. The large bow hatch with click seal cover and side-mount paddle storage provide enough room for everything you’d need to create the ultimate kayaking experience. For the fishermen out there, it also comes equipped with six removable high-strength mounting plates making it easy for you to customize to your hearts content with fish finders, slide tracks, GPS, or rod holders. The rod tip holders, rod retainer bungees, dual tackle holders, and molded paddle rest also make for an ideal camp for your fishing gear. To top it off, the Predator XL comes equipped with eight scupper holes to drain away any water that may get into your kayak and a stand up assist strap for added leverage when standing.

Want more information or to pre-order a Predator XL? Click here.

Wilderness Systems Thresher 140

The Thresher 140 is Wildy’s first off-shore kayak with an all-new bow to stern look while vastly improving its removable sonar pod
and announcing its biggest secret yet- the innovative Flex Pod OS.


  • Length: 14′ 3″
  • Width: 28.75″
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Available: TBA


The Wilderness Systems Thresher 140 and 155 both come equipped with a vast amount of features that separate this model from the pack. The Flex Pod OS, a larger version of the drop-in self-contained sonar console that debuted with the Ride 115x, is the biggest upgrade to the kayak and is sure to impress as a single master unit holding a battery, transducer, and sonar display. It plugs in directly and securely to the hull to prevent noise- “a silent menace”. With its increased size, offshore fishermen will enjoy the strength and comfort this kayak provides and its ability to carry heavy gear and fish load while still providing incredible stability. Another new feature to the Thresher is the large rectangular console hatches hinged at the front for a better seal. A seal so strong in fact, that when put through a submerged leak test for 15 hours it didn’t let a single drop inside. Perfect for storing your important items while on extended paddling tours or kayak fishing treks. Not to be missed, the Thresher also features Wildy standards such as SlideTrax accessory rails around the cockpit and stern tankwell gunwales, accessory storage bins and rod stages for the center hatch, and a paddle park. Ultimately, the Wilderness Systems Thresher is an upgraded Wildy classic with all the features and specs a paddler could need.

Want more information or to pre-order a Thresh 140? Click here.

Have more questions or feel like we are missing something? Feel free to comment below!


Product Review: Wilderness Ride 135

Eugene Mora III, a Wilderness Systems Ambassador and avid kayak angler, reviews his Wilderness Ride 135. Eugene Mora

Fishing from the Wilderness Systems Ride 135 has been amazing. Although there are many platforms to choose from, this is the ATV of kayaks for me. The pontoon hull design allows for maximum stability and weight capacity. This kayak weighs in at 85 pounds and has the ability to carry up to 550 pounds of gear.

I love the comfortable phase 3 seat. Continue reading Product Review: Wilderness Ride 135

Get Your Predator Kayak Moving with the Malone Scupper Cart

by Mike Garcia, an avid kayak angler and paddling cinematographer who you can find on YouTube or at

Not too long ago I picked up a new Malone Scupper Cart and I’ve found it’s made it easy to transport my gear-loaded Predator kayak. Just a reminder that the Predator kayak is quite heavy at 82 lbs and that’s before adding your gear. The Malone Scupper Cart is a great solution for this and very easy to use.

Here’s a short demonstration of the Malone Scupper Cart in action.

Purchase the Malone Scupper Cart here.