The Secret to Fishing the Guadalupe River

  Written by ACK’s Fleet Sales Manager, Juan Carlos Andreu

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The beginning of winter marks the kickoff of a very special fishery hidden in the Texas hill country; Guadalupe river rainbow trout. Every year Texas Parks and Wildlife and other private organizations like Trout Unlimited, stock the Guadalupe river with thousands of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and hundreds of fisherman take their shot at hooking this amazing fish. The breathtaking background of the Texas Hill Country, with its cliffs and dramatic colors add character to this challenging but rewarding type of fishery.

On December 12th I made the scenic and anticipated drive thought the Texas Hill Country in search for my first Rainbow trout “on the fly” (Fly fishing gear) with friend and Austin’s Store Assistant Manager Ryan Schaper. It was a beautiful day with ideal conditions, and the trout could be seen swinging up and down the river. Everything seemed to be in place for an amazing day. Continue reading The Secret to Fishing the Guadalupe River

Food for Day Hiking

Written by Freelance Journalist and Health Enthusiast, Helen Veale

Food and water are the most important things to take with you on a hike as you will be burning a lot of energy!

Consistently, you should plan to eat at least one snack every hour. Make sure some of these snacks are salty in order to replace electrolytes lost through sweat (1). Without good nutrition, your hike could quickly turn into a disaster leaving you weak, unable to focus or enjoy yourself. In extreme circumstances a lack of nutrition can even put you at risk. This is why it’s so important to make sure that food and water is the first thing you should pack for your trip. Continue reading Food for Day Hiking

6 Reasons to go Hiking in Winter

kWhenever temperatures start dropping below forty degrees, especially in regions unaccustomed to the chill, residents begin to focus their time on indoor activities and perfecting already flawless hibernation techniques. Don’t get me wrong, winter hiking/camping is not meant for the faint of heart, but it’s also not something to knock without trying. You may be an especially happy camper if you already know the importance of  dressing in layers (wear something to cover your head/ears), checking the weather before you get outside, and making sure that the trails nearest to you are open and maintained.


There are so many reasons why you should brave the storm and venture out into your own winter wonderland, the quiet white mystique alone is worth at least a mid winters day stroll. But if you aren’t already compelled to get outside more often than letting your dog out, here are a few reasons that may make you think differently about wintertime recreations. 


1. No Bugs to Stop you in your Tracks

Winter is the time and place where you can finally refrain from dousing yourself in mosquito repellant when venturing into the thick woods. Not only do your seemingly delectable ankles get a break, but so does your surrounding environment! Continue reading 6 Reasons to go Hiking in Winter

The 3 Rules of Warmth

jMost northerners know what it takes to stay warm on those cold winter nights, and I’m not talking about that magical liquid in the flask. Im talking about the gear you’ll need to hang out in the cold and not even notice that it’s -30 degrees. I’m a Texan that went to live in Colorado for a year to be a ski bum and I only wish a wise man had told me the 3 rules of warmth before I was months into freezing my butt off. A lot of people have their own recipes for staying warm. Momma always said, “wear some layers,” and I’m not going to contradict Momma (I was raised better than that), but that advice is a little vague when you find yourself leaving the house in a blizzard.  Continue reading The 3 Rules of Warmth

Resolve to Get Outside and Play in 2015

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the 40f7re2deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more. – Lord Byron

The beginning of a new year brings about new ideas, promises, and resolutions for everyone. We look online and research how we can better our lives, our relationships, our mediocre cooking skills, and ultimately ourselves. The answers and the solutions are as complicated or as simple as we make them. This year, resolve to keep things simple, get outdoors more, and trust that by doing so a lot of the complicated questions will be answered. Continue reading Resolve to Get Outside and Play in 2015

ACK Associate Buyer’s Super Rad, Ultra Perfect Holiday Gift Guide Picks

kirlill gift guide

Oh hey holidays, where you been? I’ve been looking for you for the last 300 some-odd days! This is by far my most favorite time of the holiday season. Listening to old Christmas music or some Sinatra and Dean Martin tunes while the fire crackles; the smell of pine or plastic from the tree filling the room- and the glow of festive lights reflecting off a half-eaten bowl of cereal. It’s truly something magical. But with all this magic also means finding gifts to suit your loving and sometimes awkward family. Continue reading ACK Associate Buyer’s Super Rad, Ultra Perfect Holiday Gift Guide Picks

Holiday Gift Guide Gold According to Dayvee, ACK Marketing Coordinator


With holiday shopping season in full swing and gift guides popping up seemingly every minute on our Facebook feeds, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to simplify your gift giving list with a few gems from ACK’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide. Between work, holiday parties, workouts (burning off those Christmas cookies!), squeezing in much needed shut eye and the usual day-to-day activities, who has time to dissect every gift guide and find the perfect gift for your beloved outdoorsmen/woman? With that in mind, I picked four universally loved gifts that will easily be some of the best gifts under the tree this year.

gift guideEcoXGear EcoStone Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker System

The EcoXGear EcoStone Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker System is one of my personal favorites in the gift guide as well as one of the best waterproof speakers I have used. It is compact, durable, waterproof (duh), and can really bump your favorite song while kayaking, SUPing or just floating down the river with family and friends. Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide Gold According to Dayvee, ACK Marketing Coordinator

4 Hot Gift Guide Picks from ACK’s Own Marketing Manager


We all know the perils of Holiday shopping: the “who wants what”, “how much do I spend”, or “will my brother just end up returning these REALLY expensive jeans I got him”. These questions arise every holiday season. Fortunately our job at ACK is to alleviate those concerns for you with our Holiday Gift Guide, which has everything you need for everyone in your life. And if that helpful guide is still a little overwhelming, here are some of my personal favorites that will find their way into my loved ones’ present pile this year:

Cruise Gift GuideStohlquist Cruiser Women’s PFD

As a newly engaged man, tasked with finding a gift for a woman besides my mother for the first time in my life, the ACK Gift Guide was truly a Godsend as I immediately found the perfect gift for the future Mrs. Olson (and in case you’re reading, I love you!) in the Stohlquist Cruiser Women’s PFD. As a new entrant into my life of kayaking, she had never found a PFD that she felt comfortable in, mostly because all the ones I own are designed for a 6-foot, 200 lb. man. Continue reading 4 Hot Gift Guide Picks from ACK’s Own Marketing Manager

2014 ACK Holiday Gift Guide: Vincent’s Picks

Gift Guide

Once again, it’s the annual holiday gift hunting season. Finding the right person the right gift with the perfect mixture of odd and practical is not an easy task. We get it. That’s exactly why we want to make the hunt as easy as possibly for you!

Cue the 2014 ACK Gift Guide to make shopping for those impossible people possible. Continue reading 2014 ACK Holiday Gift Guide: Vincent’s Picks

Gear Up for Cold Weather Paddling

buff thermal pro multifunctional headware
Buff Thermal Pro Multifunctional Headware

Just because winter is approaching does not mean you have to hang up your yak and paddle until spring. Of course it’s your choice if you want to hunker down this winter with a cup of hot chocolate and a Charles Dickens classic (and if that is your decision then might I suggest our recent post on storing your kayak?), but I know there is a large group of you out there who won’t let a little cold stop you from your favorite outdoor activities. It is for that reason that I wanted to help you out with a little advice from our expert staff at ACK on how to extend that paddling season straight through Mother Nature’s coldest mood, and it starts and ends in your closet.


The most important piece of advice we have to offer is to dress for the conditions. Gone are the days where throwing on your tank and board shorts qualified yourself for an afternoon paddle. Continue reading Gear Up for Cold Weather Paddling