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Winter Buffs to the Rescue!

| December 13, 2011 | 0 Comments

Last month my wife and I took a long weekend trip to Wolf Creek Ski Resort near Pagosa Springs, Colorado. I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to put the Polar Buff to test.

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Product Testing – Kuat Bottle Lock

| November 10, 2011 | 0 Comments

We received a new product today, the highly anticipated Kuat Bottle Lock. This nifty little item appears to be a standard water bottle but in reality it is a 5 foot 8mm thick, cable lock.

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Leave No Trace, Not Even Soap Bubbles

| June 22, 2011 | 2 Comments

As explorers and adventurers we venture deeper into our natural environment than most and therefore we can have a more significant impact on fragile ecosystems. We are all familiar with the term “Leave No Trace”, the concept is quite simple — don’t leave anything behind.

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Map Knowledge: Squiggly Lines, Yes…Squiggly Lines

| February 3, 2011 | 1 Comment

Ever look at a trail map and wonder what all of the squiggly brown lines are for or what they mean? These lines are referred to as contour lines and they represent elevation changes on the map.

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Canoe & Kayak Reader’s Poll – Please VOTE!

| August 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

We want your vote to be Outfitter of the Year! Please vote for Austin Canoe & Kayak

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Dry Bags vs. Dry Boxes – How to Choose

| November 18, 2009 | 0 Comments

There are hundreds of choices when it comes to keeping your gear dry and protected from sudden, unexpected impacts. With all of these choices, how do you decide?

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Camping and Climbing at Quartz Mountian

| November 6, 2009 | 0 Comments

Last week a couple of friends, Steve O and Liam, and I took a long weekend up to southern Oklahoma for a few days of camping and rock climbing. Southern Oklahoma boasts some of the best granite slab climbing in the country and it’s practically right around the corner, just a short 6 hour drive from Austin.

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Camping and Kayaking – Part 3

| October 13, 2009 | 0 Comments

Rain, rain and more rain. The April showers are 6 months late here in Austin, but well received.

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Camping and Kayaking – Part 2

| October 7, 2009 | 2 Comments

So I have finally recovered from the Demo Weekends. Thanks to everyone that helped with the events.

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Camping and Kayaking – Part 1

| October 1, 2009 | 2 Comments

A Three Part Series How do you camp from a kayak you ask? Well I have a little bit of experience here.

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