2012 Kayak Angler Tournament Series – Fayette Report

Steve Garcia Takes it Home Once Again!

The 2012 KATS Lake Fayette tournament took place this last Saturday. It was the second of 6 events in the series and was a great success! We applaud the 50 anglers that made the distant drive out to La Grange, Texas for an early start of 6:00 am.

Eagerly Awaiting the Results

The weather was almost perfect; slightly chilly, very little wind and cloud cover kept it warmer and shady. The fishing was a huge improvement over Lake Bastrop. In fact, most competitors were able to pull in several fish.

Steve Garcia once again secured the 1st place spot in the Pro Division with 102.75 inches putting him in the lead for the overall series at 200 points. Phillip Vela secured 1st place in the Amateur division with 48.5 inches. The complete results can be seen here on the KATS results page.

Nice catch!

On a side note: It is important that anyone wishing to compete for Kayak Angler of the Year or in the Classic Championship, remember that only those who have participated in two of the first four tournaments will be eligible to participate in the Wildcard event. If you have not yet fished one of the first two tournaments, you must fish the next two. However, each individual tournament is a great opportunity to compete and have loads of fun.

Another nice catch!

Winners of the Pro Division have been taking home up to $495 in prize money while the amateurs have been awarded prizes of comparable value. And while we are at it, check out our complete list of prizes including kayaks, a trailer, paddles, pfds and much more donated by our generous sponsors.

The next tournament is scheduled for March 24th, at Lake Travis. We hope you can join us! Sign up here.

Kristian @ACK Austin

Product Reviews: Tested by a Winter Texas Coast

Stacking them with a Thule Stacker

I recently spent a few days down at the Texas Coast with some family and friends. We were able to take advantage of the beautiful weather to do some paddling back in the bays, attempt a little fishing and have lots of fun! Naturally, for Christmas, I acquired a few items from ACK and couldn’t wait to try them out. Among them were a Wool Buff Headwear, a Yak Attack ParkNPole Stick, Thule Stacker and a Sandbar FlatFire Charcoal Chimney starter.

The Wool Buff was awesome. When the mornings were a little brisk and slightly breezy, it kept me warm. It also helped shield my face and neck from the wind, sun, and spray. The beautiful thing about wool is that it works to keep you warm when it’s cold, but also keeps you cool when it warms up. I highly recommend trying one of these out, especially if you are spending significant time in the outdoors. I plan on using this for hiking, running, and backpacking as well.

The Yak Attack ParkNPole Stick works very well. Some of its benefits over other stakeout poles I own and use is that it is lightweight, has a comfortable handle that doubles as a push pole, and it floats if you drop it in the water. I was able to pole my Tarpon while standing when I encountered some pretty skinny waters.

Firing it up with a Sandbar Charcoal Chimney fire starter!

Fire — humans have an innate attraction to it for obvious reasons but when it comes to grilling with charcoal a chimney system such as the Sandbar FlatFire Charcoal Chimney is the best. Personally, I dislike the taste and the idea of having lighter fluid fumes near my food, and it takes longer. This system uses no lighter fluid, takes only a few minutes to create glowing red coals (all of them), and only requires a few sheets of paper and a match to light. Plus, here’s the best — it folds flat. I spent four months hauling around a round chimney on a road trip. I wish I had found this solution a lot sooner. All in all, a must have, and I liked it so much I bought one for my father as well.

Last but not least, the Thule Stacker enabled me to bring all 4 kayaks on one vehicle. A slick system, I have used this several times to haul multiple kayaks. Sturdy and easy to install, the Stacker makes it easy to bring your friends along for a paddling trip.

Can’t wait to get out again soon!

Kristian @ACK Austin Store

2012 Kayak Angler Tournament Series – Bastrop Report

Steve Garcia - 1st Place Pro

The first tournament of the Kayak Angler Tournament Series (KATS) took place on Lake Bastrop this past weekend and was a huge success! Just fewer than 60 anglers (some from as far as Del Rio, TX) competed on a very windy and chilly day! The fishing was tough but a few lucky anglers took home prize money (pro division) and some fine kayaking gear (amateur division) donated by our generous KATS sponsors. Being a part of an event where the competitors are truly passionate about the sport is a lot of fun but it is also very competitive. The Bastrop tourney was definitely not a fair weather fisherman’s event but these guys paddled out in the 20 mph winds through the day and nobody went home early. Steve Garcia took 1st place in the Pro Division while Spencer Colins secured the 1st place spot in the Amateur Division. Click here to view the full results.

Ready for Launch on Lake Bastrop!

If you are not familiar with this event, it is one of the largest most sought after freshwater kayak fishing tournaments in Texas. The event brings together the most dedicated freshwater kayak anglers in Texas to compete for a chance to claim the rights to being the AKF Kayak Angler of the Year. The series runs from January to June and includes 4 qualifying events, a wildcard tourney, and then finishes with a Classic Championship. Competitors that do not qualify for the Classic will be able to participate in a team competition benefiting charity.

If you missed our first event, don’t be discouraged, there are several opportunities to catch up including the next event being held at Lake Fayette on Saturday February 25th. To learn more about the series and to find the rules, sign up, and forum information please click here.

I am very excited to be involved in this series and I cannot wait for the next tournament (Fayette).

To see some additional photos, visit our KATS photo stream (Join the group to add your own!).

Kristian @ACK

Getting to know us…Kristian Kolflat, Asst. Manager

My first kayak was a birthday gift given to me in response to a steep increase in my saltwater fishing interests. Since then, I have made it a priority to get down to the flats on the Texas Coast as often as I can.

I first walked into ACK in 2006 and spent a season working the Austin location with ACK owners Steve and Peter. I parted with ACK to finish my Bachelors in Management from The University of Texas McComb’s school and then spent several years working in sales for a semiconductor company. An extensive world traveling sabbatical followed in which a large percentage of my time was spent outdoors. I decided it was time to align my passions with my work and have been back at ACK since March of 2011 and now serve as Assistant Store Manager for the Austin location. Along with this role, I am fortunate to be the Tournament Director for the Kayak Angler’s Tournament Series, which I am really enjoying! Working at ACK is a lot of fun and the staff is awesome!

During my free time I try to stay active both indoors and outdoors. You’ll often find me kayaking, fishing, hiking, cooking, brewing, reading and watching movies. I invite you to stop by the Austin Store Location and check out Austinkayakfishing.com when you get a chance!

Kristian @ACK Austin