Choosing a SUP

Pro Athlete Micha Shaw of Surftech SUP

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner. If you’ve thought about getting in to stand up paddleboarding (SUP) now is great time to buy a board so that you don’t miss any of those early warm days.

One of your first considerations when choosing a board is your primary activity. Stand up paddleboards are designed for a specific use and while you might be able to use a touring board in the surf, it’s not going to perform as well as a surf specific board. Board types include surf, touring, racing, recreational and angler. Continue reading Choosing a SUP

Finally, Kayaks for Apartment Dwellers!

Mercury Solo

Have you ever looked around your apartment and wished you had space to store a kayak? Ever struggled to get  a kayak up on your roof rack and wished it would just fit in the trunk instead? Wished you could take your kayak on your next RV trip? Well then we have the kayak for you.

Point 65 Tequila! Solo Take-Apart Kayak

We’ve just added two Point 65N modular kayaks to our lineup. We have both sit-on-top and a sit-inside models. They break down to either two or three pieces and can fit under your bed, in your trunk or in your RV. The pieces snap together in seconds and snug tight with ratchet straps. The best part (besides the fact that you can have a kayak under your bed) is that when the boat is put together it is a sturdy, stable, and maneuverable boat. It doesn’t look like you snapped it together and there’s no worrying that it might fall apart on you.

Check out the new recreational Tequila! Solo and the new touring Mercury Solo 14/18 or for more information about how it actually works, see the video below.

Jenny @ACK