The world is such a big place. There are thousands of places yet for me to see. Luckily this summer I was able to cross off a few: France, Italy, and Switzerland.

For 10 wonderful days I toured the Mont Blanc mountain range. It was beautiful and will forever be ingrained in my brain as one of the most amazing adventures I’ve ever been on.

Setting Off

We started our adventure fresh of the airplane in the most wonderful town in all of France, Chamonix, a relatively small town mostly known for its skiing. This is where I fell in love with France; beautiful mountains all around us and the buzzing energy of an awaiting adventure.

My wonderful Gregory backpack made each and every step much more enjoyable up the 15,781-foot mountain. I never had sore shoulders or bruised hip bones like in years past. We made many stops for food and face planted on several rocks due to hunger and exhaustion (sadly no photos taken) on our way up that day. My Deva pack never once ran out of room for all the snacks I needed.

When you’re high in the mountains, it rains… all… the… time…

Thankfully, while hail and rain washed me down the mountain, my sturdy, strong, and highly cute Kelty trekking poles were keeping steady. These are the moments where you look back and yell at your younger self for never believing in trekking poles.

It never stopped raining that day. As I hiked on in the rain down to the town where we spent the night, I thought about how thankful I was to be there. I felt such peace on that mountain out exploring and meeting all kinds of people.

Hiking History

The next and hardest day of our journey started on an ancient Roman road used to transport goods and soldiers in and out of Italy. Walking on that road was a mesmerizing moment. It felt like walking a day in history. At the end of the road is the most beautiful church I’ve ever seen. It was so wonderful it drew people in like bees to flowers.

The day only got more challenging from there as the mountain got steeper. I was more than grateful for my Deva being so wonderfully comfortable and light when it was full.

That night we stayed in the coziest little refuge in the mountain. I saw the sunset on Mont Blanc while drinking the best hot chocolate ever. I didn’t have a care in the world as I was somewhere extraordinary.

We ate a delicious breakfast and headed out. I hiked for what I thought was miles but was actually mere feet. The wind was blowing so hard that if I didn’t have trekking poles I would’ve just blow off the mountain like a feather. Eventually we made it to the top. When I saw the glacier all I felt was pride. We did it!

Looking Back

My Trip to France, Italy, and Switzerland was the first of many wild adventures across this world. It was hard, it hurt, and it challenged me. But with the help of my Deva, Kelty trekking poles, and the wonderful friends I made along the way, it was unforgettable.

We ended our hike in Chamonix and got to say au revoir for hopefully not the last time.