Technically, any kayak can fulfill the role of a fishing kayak if you just bring a rod with you. But there are kayaks specifically designed for fishing, and then there are subsets of fishing kayaks best designed for certain types of fishing.

We decided to feature a few of the most popular kayak picks for the 4 most common types of fishing:

1. Offshore Fishing 

Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler

15 ft 6 in / 4.72 m
Width: 28.5 in / 72.39 cm
Weight: 91 lb / 41.28 kg
Capacity: 455 lb / 206.38 kg

The newest in the Trident series line-up, stealing the best from the prior two. This kayak is fast and has more storage than you can imagine.

Viking Profish Reload Z

Length: 14 ft 9 in / 4.5 m
Width: 30 in / 76.2 cm
Weight: 64 lb / 29.03 kg
Capacity: 440 lb / 199.58 kg

A performance fishing kayak with plenty of features for maximizing comfort and tackle management.

Old Town Predator PDL


Length: 13 ft 2 in / 4.01 m
Width: 36 in / 91.44 cm
Weight: 117 lb / 53.07 kg
Capacity: 500 lb / 226.8 kg
This kayak brings hands-free fishing to the Predator kayak family. Its hull was designed in conjunction with the PDL Drive for the perfect combination of stability and speed.

2. Inshore Fishing

Wilderness Systems Radar 115


Length: 11 ft 8 in / 3.56 m
Width: 34.5 in / 87.63 cm
Height: 15 in / 38.1 cm
Weight: 82 lb / 37.19 kg

An exceedingly versatile fishing kayak, it can be paddled with a traditional kayak paddle, pedaled with the new Helix PD Pedal Drive, or powered by the Helix MD Motor Drive.

Hobie Mirage Revolution 13

Length: 13 ft 5 in / 4.09 m
Width: 28.5 in / 72.39 cm
Weight: 88 lb / 39.92 kg
Capacity: 350 lb / 158.76 kg
This kayak features the Mirage Drive 180 for hands-free propulsion in both forward and reverse.

Feelfree Lure 13.5

Photo submitted by ACK customer directly to Feelfree Lure product page
Length: 13 ft 5 in / 4.09 m
Width: 36 in / 91.44 cm
Weight: 95 lb / 43.09 kg
Capacity: 500 lb / 226.8 kg
This kayak is taking kayak fishing to a new level in stability, comfort, and versatility with a larger deck and wide open standing platform.

3. Freshwater Fishing 

Hobie Pro Angler 12

Length: 12 ft / 3.66 m
Width: 36 in / 91.44 cm
Weight: 129.5 lb / 58.74 kg
Capacity: 500 lb / 226.8 kg

The most versatile fishing boat ever designed by Hobie! The 2017 model features the Mirage Drive 180 Turbo, so now you can get to your fishing spot quickly. And with the reverse ability, you can stay on your spot no matter which way the wind or current is moving.

Pescador Pro Pilot 12

Photo submitted by ACK customer directly to Perception Pescador product page

12 ft 5 in / 3.78 m
Width: 33.75 in / 85.73 cm
Weight: 74 lb / 33.57 kg
Capacity: 525 lb / 238.14 kg

An affordable sit-on-top kayak packed to the gills with fishing features and complete with the included Pilot Drive pedal drive system.

Feelfree Moken 12.5

Photo submitted by ACK customer directly to Feelfree Moken product page

12 ft 7 in / 3.84 m
Width: 32 in / 81.28 cm
Weight: 75 lb / 34.02 kg
Capacity: 419 lb / 190.06 kg

The FeelFree’s new Uni-Track quick-release track system lets you customize your kayak with all of your accessories (what you want in a fishing kayak!) and the Easy Seal hatch offers one of the driest hatches on the market.

Native Slayer 13 Propel


Length: 13 ft 2 in / 4.01 m
Width: 33 in / 83.82 cm
Weight: 120 lb / 54.43 kg
Capacity: 500 lb / 226.8 kg

The Native Propel has the same open deck layout and fast stable hull as the Slayer series, plus an extra large rudder for quick maneuverability.

4. Fly Fishing

Diablo Amigo

ACK Central Texas Distract Manager Ryan S. fly fishing on a Diablo Adios

12 ft 8 in / 3.86 m
Width: 38 in / 96.52 cm
Weight: 75 lb / 34.02 kg
Capacity: 600 lb / 272.16 kg

The Amigo has all the stability of a stand up paddleboard and the maneuverability of a sit-on-top kayak.


Length: 12 ft 3 in / 3.73 m
Width: 35 in / 88.9 cm
Height: 16 in / 40.64 cm
Weight: 70 lb / 31.75 kg
Capacity: 400 lb / 181.44 kg

The ATAK features an open design that can be customized to meet the needs of almost any angler. The highly walkable and stable deck is a feature that was achieved without needing to add more width to the boat, allowing for sustained speed and glide.

Length: 11 ft / 3.35 m
Width: 34 in / 86.36 cm
Weight: 31 lb / 14.06 kg
Capacity: 250 lb / 113.4 kg

All right, so this is a stand up paddle board. But it gives anglers a fishing platform with all the accessories they need to be effective on the water. Its side to side and front to back stability allows you to confidently move around the board to make accurate casts and land fish. It also has 6 stainless D-rings to help you maximize options for attaching fishing gear.

People always wonder where to start when it comes to purchasing a kayak, and our first response is “Well, what are you planning on using it for the majority of the time?” If you’re looking beyond recreational paddling, the next question to ask yourself is where you’re planning to fish.

And that’s where this list comes in handy! Share it far and wide to spread the knowledge, and let us know if you have questions about any of the boats we featured.