For those who don’t know, we offer four Go Play Days (paid workdays) a year for all employees to get outside and learn more about our products through personal experience. Of course, it doesn’t take much pushing to get ACK-ers outside. 

Here’s a blog by ACK San Antonio Store Associate Brice Mayfield documenting his experience fishing Ingram Lake, about two hours west of Austin, Texas: 

It’s Up To The Weather

On March 1, I was fortunate to be scheduled for a Go Play Day here at ACK, so I needed to come up with a plan of where to go and what to do. The weather often dictates what the best options are when planning any kayaking excursion, and it has been all over the place here in Texas lately. It is that unpredictably beautiful time of year where spring is trying to get off to an early start yet winter can’t quite relinquish its grasp.

To begin the month, we were looking at sunshine and high winds, which helped me to decide where my dad and I would take our Diablo Kayaks to fish for the afternoon. I was skunked the last several times on my usual Medina River runs, so this time I elected to drive a bit further to Ingram, just northwest of Kerrville.

Lake Or River? Why Not Both!

Ingram Lake is a widened out section of the Guadalupe River that has been dammed up and offers a blend of lake and river fishing. From our launch point, you can go left on the river for a short stretch and it opens up to the lake.

If you go right you can paddle up river a ways through the wide slow-moving section that extends for a half mile or so. Both areas look extremely inviting to a fisherman, but we put in and went up river to hide from the wind as much as possible. Although my dad and I have fished here previously with no success I have been eager to come back to this spot ever since. Before, the lily pads were thick and abundant and seemed like an obvious source of cover for bass. This time the vegetation was not near as thick on the surface, although you can see that the plants are prepared to thrive at a moment’s notice.

We had only planned to be on the water for a couple hours in the afternoon, but as soon as we launched I noticed that I was a bit underprepared. I had most of my essential gear but the camera had less than half a battery and there was no hawg trough or fish grips on my boat. Nonetheless we started fishing and dad thought he had a couple bites early on. After that there was no action for a while so I split off and paddled ahead to take some pictures of the stunning scenery along the Guadalupe.

The Catch

After a few shots, I was back to fishing with my new baitcaster and began working a shaded area of the bank. Twice I got hung up on some stalks, which had become a common occurrence throughout the day.

However, my third cast felt slightly different as I began to retrieve and I realized my rod was bending a bit on its own this time. The fight was on, and I abruptly shouted “Fish on!” to my father who was about 50 yards behind me downriver. As he quickly paddled towards me I saw the profile of a good-sized bass race to the left of my Amigo’s bow and as I continued to reel he zoomed back to the right of the bow. Just that quick the fish had wrapped my line around the baits and hooks of the other two rods laying on my deck. It was a gamble, but I was able to reel the rest of my line through the twisted mess without cutting the line on brand new treble hooks.

As dad pulled up next to me I handed him the camera and he snapped a few shots of me landing the largemouth bass just before the camera battery died.

I realized that I was fortunate to get my first catch on a baitcaster and to be able to untangle the lines without the fish coming off. While we didn’t get a shot of the length, the fish measured 20″ on my Marine Mat and is my best catch to date from a kayak. This trip was just as exciting for my dad as it was for me and I could not have had a better fishing buddy to help me capture the moment.

This trip was just as exciting for my dad as it was for me and I could not have had a better fishing buddy to help me capture the moment.Brice Mayfield, ACK San Antonio Store Associate

Ingram Lake is the perfect destination for an afternoon of kayak fishing and was an ideal location for my Go Play Day. If you have never been or are in search of a new place to paddle and fish, I highly recommend it.

Check those lily pads for me!