All right, we’re all about #hashtag campaigns.

They’re a great way of getting a community organized around a common theme — in this case, kayak fishing with a paddle!

Werner describes their new hashtag as “a catch all for videos and photos posted to social media by kayak, SUP, and canoe anglers who choose to chase their favorite species using a paddle, for the tradition, performance, versatility, and reliability.”


We recently put out a casual Twitter poll to ask “Pedal or Paddle?” The two styles aren’t mutually exclusive but people usually lean one way or another. Out of 60 votes, almost 70 percent of people voted “Paddle!” That being said, this blog isn’t meant to take a side or hate on pedal/motor drive! There are definitely advantages to hands-free fishing and the controversy can ultimately be settled by the simple agreement “To each their own.”

But we’re all for any social push to get the kayak fishing community sharing media about their experiences!

We know you’ve already got the photos and videos, so just slap a hashtag on them and get connected. 🙂

Speaking of which, we just started up our own new hashtag #ACKVibes to get both ACK employees and customers reppin’ what we’re all about – outfitting your adventure. So tag your adventure photos with #ACKVibes! Whether you’re kayak fishing, camping, hiking, biking, or climbing, we want to see what you’re up to because nature is beautiful and we know y’all do cool stuff!