The 2017 series is ramping up quickly in the Texas area with some serious growth! We have six qualifying events in the Texas area, including the Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio, and Houston regions. A 2-day KATS Classic Championship will take place in the fall, testing the skill of the top anglers from the series.

Our competitor field is made up of kayak fishing fanatics with a deep rooted passion for catching while paddling. They compete in forces numbering 150 and up (expected to grow this year!) for prizes, payouts, honor, and several prestigious titles, including Kayak Angler of the Year, King of the Fish, and Classic Elite Champion!

This is the 11th year for KATS and the 6th year Austin Canoe and Kayak will host the growing series.

Program Director Kristian Kolflat will be heading KATS again with the assistance of Tournament Director Ryan Schaper and the KGB (KATS Governing Body). All look forward to seeing the die-hard regulars along with some fresh faces amongst the crowd.

In addition to KATS Texas, we are pleased to announce that in 2017 KATS will be returning to the Midwest area to host three events. For more information, click here. If you are interested in competing in this series, click here for the schedule.

If you love fishing, or fishing from a kayak, then KATS is for you! On top of selecting some of the best bass fisheries in Texas and the Midwest areas, the element of competition adds some adrenaline to your kayak angling opportunities. Bass fishing is already great, and it’s even better from a kayak where you can reach places most powerboats can’t. We love supporting the local kayak fishing crowd, so come join us for these fun yet competitive events in one of two divisions, Pro and Social!

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Register for 2017 KATS Texas here.