Q. Tell us a little about your background before ACK, personal and professional.

Joshua: I was born and raised down in San Antonio, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where I studied film. While in school I had the opportunity to work for the outdoor adventure brand, Kammok. I’m so thankful for the time I spent there; I was surrounded by a group of individuals that were full of encouragement, passion, and had an itch to make a difference in the world. Around that team is where I realized what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I want to seek adventure. I want to capture moments. I want those moments to tell stories. And I want those stories to inspire others to seek adventure.

Q. What’s your go-to outdoor activity?

Joshua: It feels crazy to say this living down here in Texas but there is never a place I would rather be than knee deep in some fresh powder in the Rocky Mountains. Snowboarding has always been one of my favorite outdoor activities growing up and my love for it continues to grow every season. I’m not sure why, but up at the summit of a mountain, filled with adrenaline is where I find myself most comfortable and at peace.

Q. What are your top 3 must-have products for a weekend outdoors?

Kammok Wallaby + Python Straps
IceMule Cooler 20L
Jetboil Flash Cooking System

Q. You were new to kayak fishing when you joined ACK. How’s the learning curve been?


Joshua: Never did I imagine that kayak fishing would be such a major part of my career! I’ve always loved fishing and being out on the water, but I had never been kayak fishing prior to my time at ACK. It’s been a very steep learning curve. I’ve really just thrown myself into this lifestyle and haven’t looked back. Whether I’m offshore down at coast or paddling the rivers here in the Texas Hill Country, I’ve loved every minute of it.

Q. Who comes to mind when you hear the word “mentor”? 

Joshua: Without a doubt, my father. Growing up he’s always been supportive of any creative outlet I was currently into. Whether I was writing, drawing, or behind the camera, he has always encouraged me to grow creatively, try new things and travel to new places. The lessons learned and endless experiences continue to be a part of the foundation on which I begin to build this career in photography.

Q. Now, about the craft: Any specific photographers that have inspired you?

Joshua: Of course. I take in so much from other photographers in the outdoor industry. Some for their work and some for their lifestyle. Two specifically:

Travis Perkins (@travperk_photo)
He’s a very close friend of mine, as we worked together during my first outdoor gig at Kammok. This guy’s adventurist lifestyle is unmatched by anybody I’ve ever met. It really is inspiring to see this guy live to the fullest. Always about that hard work, rest and joy.

Andrew Miller (@AndrewMillerStudio)
Now this guy I’ve watched from afar. His work is incredible and so much of what I capture is inspired by his lifestyle images. Rooted in Fly Fishing and Backcountry Hiking, his Instagram feed will truly give you that itch to get outside and explore.

Q. How has your style changed over time?

Joshua: Oh man. My style has changed so much over the past couple of years. I’ve jumped all over the place. I really enjoy scrolling through my own feed occasionally to see how my work has matured over time. I feel that I’m finally beginning to develop my own aesthetic that people will be able to recognize as one of my photos.

Q. You’re a lifestyle photographer through and through. But if you had the opportunity to take one person’s portrait in the whole world, living or dead, who would it be?

Joshua: Not sure if there’s a specific person I would want to take a portrait of. However, portraits that I would love to capture would be based on an individual that has just completed a challenging journey, something like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or climbing Mt Everest. Trying to capture those feelings of exhaustion and accomplishment intrigues me.

Q. Here’s a hard one. What’s been one of your favorite photos or shoots- ever?

Joshua: There’s always one favorite photo from every trip I take. These are the ones I always go back to for inspiration:

Mustang Island State Park, Texas
Taos, New Mexico
Savaii, Samoa
Pico De Orizaba, Mexico
Austin, Texas

Q. What vision do you have for ACK in 2017? 

Joshua: Easy. More inspiring lifestyle content. I want the visual media that we create to motivate people to get outdoors and try new things. We have an incredible team here at ACK with people from all different backgrounds within the outdoor industry. These people are experts at their own passions and this year I’m making it a priority to capture more of the ACK lifestyle and culture.