Paddle boarding is not only a fun activity but it can also be a fantastic form of exercise. It is a low impact activity that engages your core while simultaneously giving you a great burn in your arms, legs, and back. Standup paddle boarding is  a full body workout that not only tightens your body but also helps improve your overall balance.  On top of this, paddle boarding is one of the few workouts that allows you to “walk on top of” any body of water you want! There are a couple of factors that will determine what kind of intensity level your SUP workout will be.


First consider what kind of water you will be paddling on. Flat, calm, and slow current water is a great way for beginners to get their feet wet and build endurance. Water with waves and currents will cause you to exert more energy as it makes it significantly harder to balance on your board. As with most exercise, the more energy you exert the more your body will respond to the body sculpting workout SUP can give you.


Wind speed plays a huge role in how challenging your SUP experience will be. Windy days will ensure that you get a total body workout when facing strong headwinds while low wind days will give you a low-resistance paddle easing up your workout.   To ensure you are getting a good workout pick a day with light wind speeds and paddle that headwind with all you’ve got!

Stroke Intensity

One of the simplest way to up your SUP workout game is to increase your stroke intensity. For a heart thumping, body-fat-burning workout pump up your paddling speed. For a leisurely paddle slow down your pace and enjoy the therapeutic effect standup paddle boarding can provide, a slow pace is still a workout!

SUP Yoga

Want another way to get a SUP workout in? SUP yoga! SUP yoga is one of the latest trends to hit the SUP community and is an amazing full body workout. This form of SUP exercise is perfect for those who are already steady on a paddleboard but can also be good for beginners who are willing to get a little wet while practicing! Interested? Check out the beginners series SUP yoga video we made with Ferny Barcelo from Six Elephants Yoga and then get outside and try it for yourself.


-Dayvee @ ACK