I got the opportunity to fish the Casting for a Cause tournament for the second year in a row last week.  The word tournament might be featured in the name but the event is far more than a tournament.  The people that come to this event are there to support injured veterans.  As the child of a Purple Heart Recipient from the Vietnam conflict this hits home for me.  The opportunities that CFAC and Heroes on the Water provide veterans is amazing. I’ve never been at a fishing tournament where multiple prizes and prize money is donated back to the cause or to benefit specific veterans.

For me this was also an opportunity to get to know two of the newer members of our staff while spending time with them for over 6 hours of driving.  We had a tight turnaround.  Most people don’t make a Thursday Afternoon to Friday night trip to the coast.  That’s how important it is to us as a company to support this type of event.  We left at 2 pm on Thursday and got home at 10 pm on Friday.  Every minute was worth it.  We laughed, we talked, we hung out with ChrisAndFriendsgroups of kayakers from all over the state.  Many of the guys have to make adjustments and movements that most kayakers never will.  Picture landing a 28” Redfish with one hand tied behind your back.  It’s no small feat.

Another great feature of the event was getting to spend time with some of my former employees who are still passionate about the sport and the people that make it up.  I fished the tourney with my guy Tommy who worked with me from 2007-2008 and ran into Kevin who worked with us from 2008-2010. Some other old friends I bumped into were kayak fishing legend Fishman Fil Spencer of Ocean Kayak, TKF founder Tom Stubblefield and Heroes on the Water President Jim Dolan.  I’ve known all three for a long time and it was great to catch up with them.

San Antonio Store Manager Barrett fished the tournament with a customer and they brought along their wives to provide encouragement, making it a family affair.  I was thrilled at all the participation and the camaraderie that developed over the two days.  I’m already looking forward to next year!  Oh and I actually caught fish this year!

Want a little more Casting for a Cause behind-the-scenes action? Check out the short microadventure video!

-Chris @ ACK