Andrew Andress, an ACK Customer Relationship Manager and avid whitewater kayaker, is a supporter of junior kayaking and is passionate about youth involvement and the growth of whitewater kayaking. He has had the pleasure of paddling with Hunter Katich, a talented youth freestyle kayaker, and shared his experience with us. Andrew sent a short introduction to the Next Big Thing and we at ACK thought we would share with all of our loyal readers. Enjoy and don’t forget to check out Hunter’s YouTube channel and subscribe!
Hunter Katich is the future of freestyle kayaking and after spending time with him on the Arkansas River during FIBArk in Salida, CO I am happy to report that the future is good hands.  I’m always excited to see the younger generation advancing the sport and as a coach it makes me especially happy to see a 17 year oldkattloop who carries himself just as professionally off the water as he does in the boat competing against some of the best kayakers in the world.
If you happen to see him on the river you’ll know it because he will paddle up and talk to you like an old friend (a true testament to his Alabama hospitality).  If you get the chance paddle with him, pack a lunch and leave your pride on the riverbank because he goes big and doesn’t stop.  I couldn’t feel my arms after trying to keep pace with him for an afternoon session! He was nice enough to act impressed by my few measly blunts and spins, and he helped me with technique and wave location as I attempted  to loop.
Hunter claims a big reason for his success was his kayak and was eager to show off what the guys at Wavesport are doing to help him match his talent with their technology.  He was adamant that I hop in his new Wavesport Mobius to see how well it performed in the wave.  If this were a kayak review I could spend a couple paragraphs on how great a playboat the Mobius is: light weight, stiff, incredible on its edges but this is not a kayak review so I digress.
However, It is a formal introduction to the kid they call “Katt.”  Look for him on the water, subscribe to his Youtube channel and cheer for him as he travels to France to compete in the World Cup June 29th!