We asked all of you where you would paddle if you could choose anywhere in the world and received so many great answers that we decided to start a special column focused entirely on traveling! Wanderlust is in all of us and with our Facebook followers recommendations, we will guide you on a written tour of some potential adventures you may want to consider. The first one being the New River Gorge.

Feeling like you need a break from your routine? To get outside and smell the flowers? Well we have a place just for you. The New River, otherwise known as the Kanawha River, is about 320 miles long, stretching through West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. The portion in West Virginia is known as the New River Gorge National River and is an American Heritage River. This river travels all the way from North Carolina to the Gulf of Mexico via the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. Think of all the fishing! The New River gets its name from the difficulty that explorers had in tracking it down. Even though the discovery is relatively new, the river isn’t; it is the 3rd oldest river in the world! The first recorded exploration was in 1671, by Abraham Wood on a fur trading expedition, resulting in another name- Wood’s River.

The New RIverThis river is home to variety of exciting outdoor activities, both on and off of the water. Some of these activities include hiking, fishing, mountain biking, scenic float trips, kayaking, ziplines, and much more! The New River Gorge and the surrounding towns are also home to many local events and attractions. When you plan your kayaking trip, be sure to check out local event listings – there’s usually something fun going on. Every season has something amazing to offer in the New River Gorge – so no matter when you visit, you will get a great and unique experience. The spring is known for intense rafts and waves that come with higher water levels from the rain. The summer provides a great opportunity to experience all the activities the New River Gorge has to offer; without running out of daylight. The fall also has high water levels; and the breathtaking changing of the leaves.  Wintertime is picturesque, serene, and a great getaway from urban life – even without the draw of water sports. The New River Gorge is versatile and inviting. Even the pickiest of guests are sure to find something to satisfy their sense of adventure. So, when you next get bit by the travel bug, make sure you make time to experience The New River Gorge!