Whether you paddle a canoe, kayak or SUP, we at ACK want you to be safe on the water. The easiest way to do is is by wearing your personal flotation device, or PFD. We’re happy to share this piece about the upcoming Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day by Rachel Johnson, Executive Director of the National Safe Boating Council.

Many of us spend 40+ hours each week at work. Sometimes it feels like a home away from home. Why not share with your co-workers the importance of boating safety while at work? Join the National Safe Boating Council and hundreds of boating advocates around the world on Friday, May 16 to show how easy it is to wear a life jacket during Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day. As part of the National Safe Boating Council’s Wear It! campaign, Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day shows others how easy (and comfortable) wearing a life jacket is, even while at work.


At the National Safe Boating Council, we believe life jacket wear is the simplest strategy to stay safe while boating, fishing, paddling and more. According to recent U.S. Coast Guard statistics, drowning was the reported cause of death in nearly three-fourths of all boating fatalities in 2012. Of those, 85 percent were reported as not wearing their life jackets.

LJTW-Barber Shop(2)However, many boaters choose not to “Wear It!” because they think life jackets are uncomfortable, bulky, and too hot to wear while boating. The good news is that today’s life jackets are much more comfortable, lightweight and stylish than the bulky orange style many boaters know. There are also life jackets that use inflatable technologies which are cool and comfortable. They may resemble a pair of suspenders or a belt pack. And, many even inflate automatically when immersed in water.

Whether you’re working in an office, at a school, in a hospital, at an airport or on a boat, help us promote the importance of life jacket wear by wearing yours at work. Share your photos with us on our Ready, Set, Wear It! Facebook page at Facebook.com/ReadySetWearIt, tweet it to @ReadySetWearIt using #RSWI2014 or email photos to ymoslehian@safeboatingcouncil.org.

The Wear It! campaign is a yearlong effort focused on spreading the message of boating safety and the critical importance of consistent life jacket wear each and every time on the water. The annual campaign brings together boating safety partners around the world to promote consistent life jacket wear and boating safety. In addition to Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day, other key campaign events include:

  • Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day: Participants in cities around the globe will gather to set a world record for the most life jackets worn and inflatable life jackets inflated during the fifth annual event on May 17, 2014. Find out more at ReadySetWearIt.com.
  • National Safe Boating Week: This annual awareness week kicks of the yearlong Wear It! campaign with local boating safety and awareness events taking place around the world. Find out more at SafeBoatingCampaign.com.

If you’d like to do more to help promote the Wear It! message, please join us for our Ready, Set, Wear It! Life Jacket World Record Day. To register an event or to find one in your community, visit ReadySetWearIt.com. Most importantly – every time you go boating, remember to Wear It!