by the Eagle Creek team

“How do I pack it all?”

packing-solutions-cubesThis is the challenge that nearly every type of traveler faces, whether planning for a quick overnight trip or an extended getaway. You’ve got clothes, toiletries, laptops, phones, digital cameras, itineraries, jackets, guide books and so much more.

So, how do you manage to fit it all into your bags before you depart?

Well, you can cram it all in, like most people do, but this will ultimately make your travel a lot more cumbersome than it needs to be.

  • Stuffing your bags to the brim will wrinkle your clothes, crush important documents and potentially damage your electronics too.
  • Not only that, you’ll be stuck with a giant, disorganized mess, making it difficult to find what you need upon arrival, and slowing you down at the worst possible time.

There’s a better way to pack and avoid these headaches – with the revolutionary Pack-It System from Eagle Creek.

What is the Eagle Creek Pack-It System?

Our Pack-It™ System is changing the way people travel and has been since.

It’s a simple system that eliminates several of the most common packing challenges, from organizational issues to limited packing space. With smartly designed packs, cubes and folders that divide your stuff into cleanly arranged sections within your larger luggage bags, the system makes it easier for you to find what you need, when you need it, and eliminate the clutter.

If you travel often, then you know that a little bit of organization goes a long way. Losing any item – whether it’s a favorite t-shirt or your passport – can cause an undue amount of stress during your travels. Did you leave it at home? Did it fall out of your bag? Did someone steal it?

Our packing system helps relieve these worries by organizing clean clothes and dirty laundry while making the most of your packing space, so you can put more in your bags.

Beyond solving the organizational and packing challenges, the system also addresses a number of other common packing issues, including:

  • Protecting your gear from moisture
  • Controlling odor
  • Keeping your clothes from getting wrinkled

Let’s take a look at some examples of optional system components and how they can make your life a lot easier when you’re traveling.

How to Pack It All – the Right Way

ACK carries a range of products from our Pack-It collection including Cubes, Folders, and Compression Sacs. Remember, you can always place a special order by contacting their customer service team if you want something from the collection not listed on their website.

– Cubes
Our packing Cubes are perfect for clothes: tees, shorts, pajamas and much more. They come in a variety of sizes and options, including 2-sided versions that allow you to separate clean clothes from dirty clothes, as well as expandable cubes that let you fit even more when you need to. Like most of our bags and packs, our cubes are also water-resistant and designed to minimize wrinkles.

The Specter Folder 18
Our packing folder 18 will fit up 12 shirts, pants, or other clothing items, keeping them compressed, neat and organized within your luggage while also providing wrinkle resistance.

– Caddies, Organizes, Pouches & More
Eagle Creek offers a wide range of additional packs to fit virtually everything you need for your trip. ACK carries our popular line of Pack-It Sacs, great for organizing small items like electronics, liquids, and more, as well as a wide range of other travel accessories.

Shop now to see how easy it is to pack and organize all your gear with the Eagle Creek Pack-It System.