You Saw What?! 10 Interesting On The Water Finds

| February 28, 2014 | 4 Comments

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We asked our Facebook fans, “What’s the strangest thing you’ve found while out on the water?” As you might imagine, there were some interesting responses. Here were 10 of our favorites on the water finds:

1. A canoe which had been lost in a tornado and floated 30 miles down river. (It was returned to the rightful owner) — Found by James H.

2.  A baby deer! It had fallen off an island in a large lake we were paddling. Several live on it and swim across to forage. It must have been born on the island. It’s mom got our attention by grunting at us and kind of lead us to it while we paddled – until we heard it cry. It was probably a few days old. We aren’t sure how long it had been paddling. Hubby got out – (water was only a few feet deep at the shore) picked it up with one hand and put it on the land. It curled up and fell asleep immediately. We’ve seen it since – growing and doing well. — Found by Jan G.

3. Chupacabra — Found by Gabe G.

4. I found an old Nazi belt buckle while fly fishing in Germany. Also a bowling ball in the same stream! — Found by Kevin I.

5. Bongos, oh yeah and a tongue in a jar! — Found by owners of Diablo Paddlesports

6. I was on a date after a big rain and there was a long-stemmed rose floating in the debris. Too bad my date couldn’t take credit! — Found by Stacey B.

7. Myself — Found by Dave E.

8. A waterproof Digital camera that I still use today.  — Found by John N.

9. 5 baby alligators — Found by Bob M.

10. Brand new Bending Branches paddle. No 1 claimed it. — Found by Rodney M. (he’s a lucky guy!)

So what have you found out on the water during your paddles? Let us know by commenting below! The entire collection of responses can be found here.

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  1. Lee says:

    Found a common Box turtle swimming in the middle of a large lake heading for thopposite shore. I picked it up on my paddle for a couple of minutes, then put it back on the lake, hopefully it made it to the other side. Didn’t know they were swimmers!

  2. RJ says:

    1) N.U.D.E Paddlers
    2) N.U.D.E Swimmers
    3) N.U.D.E Sunbathers

    Once you get past that first portage, seems anything (everything)goes!

  3. Kenneth Lewis says:

    Not so much what I found as what I witnessed, while kayaking Justice Lake at Two Mile Run County park in Oil City PA a 3 foot Muskie chased my wife with it’s mouth out of the water like a shark and then turned and rammed my Yak! I did get a picture after it hit me!

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