Bring on 2014!
What’s your paddling goal?

With a new year comes new adventure and paddlers everywhere are looking ahead to what they want 2014 to hold for them and their kayak, canoe or paddle board. I decided to find out what types of paddling goals were being set by asking our ACK social pages. Here were the 5 most common paddling goals that I heard:

  1. Paddle more. More than anything else, paddlers said they just wanted to get out on the water more in 2014.
  2. Learn how to roll. This specialized paddling skill is one that sets the novice and expert apart and can be done in just about any sit-inside kayak.
  3. Buy my first kayak. Many paddlers get on the water using rentals or a friend’s second ‘yak and are ready to have their own in 2014. Hey, we can help with that!
  4. Paddle a particular body of water. It might be an old favorite or a destination well known for beautiful paddling views (like Glacier Bay, Alaska). I’d like to visit Texas’ Devil’s River!
  5. Catch ___ from my kayak. Kayak anglers are hoping 2014 will be the year they catch the big one, and for some that means a 20 lb Striper off the coast and others just means their first bass. Whatever your kayak fishing goals are for 2014, I wish you luck!

So what’s your paddling goal for 2014? Share it by commenting below and then check out what goals ACK Facebook Fans set for themselves.