Pack Rack Plus Kayak Gun Mount Makes Kayak Hunting Easy

| December 9, 2013 | 2 Comments

Written by Austin Store Manager Justin Fees

The Pack Rack Plus Kayak Gun Mount

The Pack Rack Plus Kayak Gun Mount

Gun mounts are not just for atv’s, four wheelers and trucks…they can also be used on kayaks! Kayak hunting is a favorite pastime for many paddlers, including myself and it all starts with the gun mount. The Pack Rack Plus Kayak Gun Mounts make it easy to carry and secure your shotgun or rifle to your kayak while you move through the water. These are basically the same design as most gun mounts for off road vehicles but have a base designed to be mounted on most any kayak or canoe.

The Good & The Bad of the Pack Rack Plus Kayak Gun Mount

I am a big fan of these mounts and have them installed on my personal kayak. I find that they make it very easy to access my firearm quickly when I’m trying to get a jump on wild game. Flexible rubber grips inside the mount that act like teeth and the locking rubber strap work in tandem to create a secure connection so I never have to worry about loosing my gun by knocking it off or flipping my kayak. These will fit most any long gun so no matter what type of game I’m after, the mounts work well. Mounting these brackets are fairly easy and are designed to fit most any application. In some cases you may have to purchase additional hardware depending on where you want to mount them.

Give kayak hunting a try!

Give kayak hunting a try!
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The one negative I’ve experienced when using these mounts is that they sometimes get in the way when exiting my kayak. Granted, the opposite side from the mount is not affected and still easy to exit, but that means I’m constantly forced to remember which way to pull up to the bank or dock. These mounts will sit several inches off the deck of the boat so make sure you don’t get anything snagged on them, or you could end up tipping the boat over. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but it’s always a concern.

Overall I am glad to have these mounts installed on my kayak and recommend this product for the any kayak hunter. See more information about it here:

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  1. Michael Barron says:

    Will a pack rack plus gun rack fit a yak attack GT1 75 – 04

    • Roland says:

      Michael, sorry for the delay. From what I can after doing some research, it doesn’t appear it will. Hope this helps.

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