Surprise them with a kayak this year!
Surprise them with a kayak this year!

Who wants to wake up to find a shiny new kayak sitting under their tree? Everyone! However, kayaks usually don’t fit under the trees and are tough to hide.

To help with this problem, we’ve come up with 10 fun ways to surprise that special someone and create a memory that will last for years to come!

1. Hang one of our kayak ornaments to your tree with a note. It might take them a moment to notice the new decoration, but when they do they’ll certainly be surprised!

2. Snap a picture of the new kayak and stick it inside their stocking. No one ever expects to find a kayak in their stocking!

3. Send them on a mysterious scavenger hunt. Find a good hiding spot for the kayak and leave clues for them to find it. Get as creative as you want with this one but remember that you’ll probably have to help them out or follow along if it’s too hard!

4. Give it your best wrapping job. While wrapping a kayak won’t really keep someone from guessing what the gift is, adding a little something will help make it more special! You can keep things simple and put a bow on it OR you can go overboard with a several rolls of wrapping paper. You bought them the kayak…now watch them struggle trying to tear all of the paper off of it!

5. Decorate the kayak like a tree. The kayak won’t usually fit under the tree because it’s about as tall or taller than your average Christmas tree. Solution? Ditch the tree! Stand your kayak up vertically in the spot you’d normally put your Christmas tree and wrap it in lights, streamers, pine boughs and other decorations. It’ll take some planning but this would be a very unique way to give someone  a new kayak for the holidays!

6. Dress up like Santa and paddle their gift to shore. This is another one that’ll take some planning, but if you have a way to lure the recipient near water, having Santa deliver the gift himself would make for a very fun, and memorable, surprise. Dress up in your best Santa costume and paddle up to them from a hidden spot at just the right time. Hopefully it’s a warm costume!

7. Hide it in plain sight and wait for them to notice. Sometimes a good surprise just requires a little subtly. Hang it up in the garage or put it out on the porch and wait for them to discover it for themselves. Of course, you can always drop hints to point them in the right direction!

8. Who said the tree needs to be inside? If there’s a large enough tree in your front or back yard, put a nice big bow on the kayak and lay it underneath. Then just let them know that something is waiting for them outside!

9. Let them start by unwrapping gear that only makes sense to use with a kayak. If you’re getting them kayaking accessories to go along with the kayak, let them unwrap one of those first. See how long it takes for them to figure out why you just gave them a kayak paddle!

10. Put it on the roof and tell them you think Santa’s sleigh crashed landed on the house last night. This would work best with a red kayak and with a few extra holiday decorations. Oh, and make sure there’s an easy way to bring it down once the surprise is over!

Of course, the options are endless when it comes to giving a gift, especially one as awesome as a new kayak. Have some fun with it and make a great gift even greater! If you think of your own creative way to surprise them with a kayak, make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below.