It isn’t uncommon for me to hear shouts coming from the ACK warehouse throughout the day while I’m working in the office (or should I say the photo studio these days, but that’s another story!). Our warehouse is a pretty big space with a lot of products that move in and out daily. Shouting, hollering, howling… okay, maybe I made that last one up, but you get the point; it gets LOUD and today was definitely not an exception. In fact, it got so loud that I felt I needed to do a little investigating and see what they were up to.

It didn’t take me long to realize what the hubbub was about… New kayaks! Lots and lots of new kayaks! A truck carrying our latest shipment had just arrived at the bay door with what looked like close to 100 kayaks ready to be unloaded. As daunting of task as it may seem especially in this heat, the ACK warehouse guys were ready for it.

New Kayaks – Stocked & Unloaded!

94 Confluence Kayaks in Truck
94 kayaks, sitting in a truck.

I watched, impressed, as names like “MANGO RIDE 115” and “BLUE/WHITE CAROLINA 12” were being called out. I examined the stream of new kayaks as they rushed past me. Just as you may have guessed, it was a shipment from our good friends at Confluence (Wilderness Systems, Perception, Dagger, Wave Sport & Mad River Canoe) heading toward their first stop – the labeling station. Then, without a second wasted, each guy would hoist one up on to his shoulders and disappear off to into the sea of kayak racks where it to be put away.

Unload – Label – Put Away – Repeat. This might seem a little unbelievable but it only took our guys about 30 minutes to process the incoming boats. That’s more than 3 boats a minute! These guys have this process down to a science and it shows with how quickly products get in and out the door. In fact, one of the most frequent comments we get on feedback reports is related to how quickly we are able to get product out and to our customer’s door. That doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes efficiency and hard work from our warehouse guys! They are determined to be as productive as possible and taking time to run back and forth to communicate eats up valuable time which can make the difference between getting your order out the door that day or not. So our guys shout back and forth to speed up the process… hence the loud noises that got my attention in the first place.

As much as I would have liked to have caught this action on video, I did snap a few photos. Check them out!