New Texas Paddling Trails Means More To Explore

Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddling Trails
Texas Parks and Wildlife Paddling Trails

Who doesn’t enjoy paddling down the rivers, creeks, lakes and bayous of Texas? Thanks to our friends at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD), we can do just that. Every month it seems like the TPWD is opening new Texas Paddling Trails throughout the state. Just this month they unveiled a pair along Guadalupe River in Gonzalez that are appropriately named the Come and Take It Paddling Trail and Independence Paddling Trail. These additions bring their total to 57 official Texas Paddling Trails! And why not? Texas is a GREAT place to paddle with plenty of places to explore!

Having more than 3,700 named streams, 15 major rivers and about 3,300 miles of tidal shoreline along the Gulf Coast, the water has always been there to paddle on. However, now with these designated trails we have access to resources such as maps (including put-in and take-out points), common wildlife & ecology, fishing tips and private property reminders – all great things to have when planning a trip!

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