Trail Curry in 15 Minutes

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The setup.

The setup.

On my last camping trip I vowed to try something new for my camp cooking and quickly settled on the instant gourmet camping meals from Backpacker’s Pantry. What attracted me to these lightweight pouches was how easy they claimed to be – just add boiling water and eat! No heavy duty cooking gear required. So I picked up a couple & added in my Jetboil Stove and Bugaboo Camper Cookset (although I only needed the bowls & plates from it).

I decided to start with their Chicken Cashew Curry. My goal was to determine if the process was really as simple as they claimed it was, find out if I actually liked the food (duh!) and see if each package was enough to really served two people.

Adding water directly to the pouch.

Adding water directly to the pouch.

Combined with my Jetboil, the whole process was a breeze. I simply added some water to the cooking cup and turned up the burner. Two minutes later, I had boiling water ready to add to the dry mix. Too much boiling water as we would find out later.

The pouch that contains the dry food is what makes things so great. It’s more than just a plastic container meant to hold the food contents – in fact, it’s very functional! It includes a zip-lock top that keeps the heat in and a gusset bottom that makes it easy to stand up. I poured the boiling water directly into the free-standing pouch, zipped it up & let it sit for the required 13 minutes.

So a total of 15 minutes after starting (AND WITH ZERO DISHES TO CLEAN), I had ready to eat trail curry. But how did it taste?

Two bowl sized servings.

Two bowl sized servings.

As I prepared to serve the meal into our two bowls from GSI, I quickly realized that I had added a bit too much water (I should have measured more carefully). To remedy this I drained some out of the bag directly before dishing out the food. Once that was done, the food was ready to go! With close to a third of the food still left in the bag, our two 14 oz. bowls were filled almost to the top.

The final verdict on the taste? Two thumbs up! It was well spiced and had a decent amount of veggies and chicken mixed in. Next time I think I will be bringing a condiment bottle full of Sriracha and maybe some kind of fresh veggie to add to kick it up a notch.

My favorite thing about the entire experience? Only two dishes to clean AND that could’ve been avoided by eating directly out of the bag. That is certainly hard to beat! I will note that because the bag is so tall eating directly out of it would probably require a long utensil like this spoon from Optimus.

We carry a full line of Backpacker’s Pantry products and encourage you to check them out here. I know I certainly will be! See some more photos of the cooking experience below:


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