Designated as National Safety Month by the National Safety Council, June marks both the coming summer and a reminder to be safe in everything you do including adventuring outside. We thought this would be a great opportunity to remind readers about staying prepared with proper safety gear and in particular, first aid kits.

Day Tripper Kit
Day Tripper Kit

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Why Bring a Kit?

Safety in your outdoor adventures, whether it’s a short hike or an overnight paddling expedition, is all about preparation. Cuts, scrapes, bug bites or  a headache can happen anywhere, anytime, and it pays to be ready. Equipping yourself with a pre-assembled first aid kit is often the most convenient and cost effective way to do this. Most are compact, lightweight and are always a great way to make sure you haven’t forgotten any of the basics.

The Weekender Kit is made for week long trips.
The Weekender Kit is made for week long trips.

If you do plan on relying on a first aid kit there are a few things to consider including:

  • the size of your group who will be relying on your kit
  • the duration of your trip
  • any inherent danger of your specific trip
  • proximity to medical assistance
  • special needs of anyone in the group

For example, Adventure Medical Kits makes several different kits based on the length of your trip like the Weekender Kit versus the Day Tripper.

What Should a Kit Include?

Kits should include the basic necessities like:

  • Bandages (various sized adhesive bandages for wounds, dressings and moleskin for treating blisters)
  • Items to reduce chance of infection (antiseptic wipes, gloves & hand wipes, alcohol swabs)
  • Basic tools (tweezers for splinters, tape, some type of knife or blade)
  • Simple drugs & lotions (Aspirin or Ibuprofen, antibiotic ointment and any prescription drugs)
  • Manual explaining how to use items in the kit

Of course there are plenty of extra items to consider ranging from things like emergency dental items to bug bite ointment. Each kit should be personalized to the nature of your trip and group, so if there is an expected hazard make sure to pack first aid items to prepare for it!

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