Andrew with Redfish
What could’ve been a top 5 fish..

No matter how much time & preparation you put into an event like Casting for a Cause, sometimes things just don’t go right. That’s why it’s important to remember why you’re there in the first place: to support a good cause and enjoy your favorite sport.

Smooth Start to a Day of Kayak Fishing

Team Austin Kayak, made up of ACK Co-Owner Chris Hackerd, Ivan (previously part of our Austin store team) and  Houston team members Brock & Andrew, arrived the night of the 27th for the Captain’s Meeting and social  where they got to know their fellow anglers and got registered.

Predator Sunrise
The Predator at Sunrise.

The guys were up early next morning and Chris & Andrew shared in their pre-tournament ritual of singing the Micky Mouse Club House song to each other. When it came time to fish, they headed for spots they had identified using the Hook-N-Line fishing maps. They fished hard and threw tons of different baits.

Chris landed an undersized redfish and everyone was finding bait fish – just not a ton of bigger bites. That is, until Andrew reeled in a big old 27′ inch redfish! That’s about when things started going downhill…

Some Things You Just Can’t Plan For

With what they thought was ample time, Team ACK made their way back to the weigh in. That’s when they realized the ferry system was going to be a problem. Chris & Ivan made it through first but Brock, Andrew and his big catch got held up. They made it a heartbreaking two minutes too late, and what could’ve been a top five fish was disqualified.

Nothing Like the Camaraderie of Kayak Fishing

Despite the setback, Team Austin Kayak made the most out of the day, proud to be a part of event that supports a great cause and spending a day kayak fishing to boot.

Chris shares that one of his favorite moments was stopping at a Whataburger (Texas fast food) on the way to the event and seeing another car with kayaks on the roof. It turned out they belonged to a group of wounded veterans also making their way to the event and the two groups ended up sharing a table & talking about paddling. They had such positive outlooks on the day!

Can’t wait for our next opportunity to put our kayak fishing team to the test!