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ACK Employee Colter MacKenzie took a three day weekend as part of ACK’s Go Play Day Initiative to get employees adventuring outside and he hit some campsites by the lake with some new gear. One of these items included the Solar Photon 2 Tent from Terra Nova and he wanted to share his thoughts about the product here:

The Solar Photon 2

The Solar Photon 2

The Solar Photon 2 was by far my favorite tent used on the trip (the other tent being a Kelty Trail Ridge 4). This insanely lightweight, compact tent was so easy to put up and seemed to be very well thought out. The tri-pole support design was unique and it’s easy set-up impressed me. It comes with 15 micro stakes that to my surprise were incredibly effective. I found that you only need 10 of them for the tent, so there are 5 spares. Other than the fact that the stakes were so small and could be lost easily, I want this technology with all the tents I use in the future. The fabric of this tent was seriously mind blowing. It was so thin and light, yet it seemed very strong and rigid. It was easy to put up although the staking process seemed to take the longest due to the fact it has 10 points of contact with the ground. As the wind howled the tent didn’t budge, no flapping or shaking, it was solid.

Once inside this tent I quickly noticed it was a lot less spacious than our Trail Ridge 4, obviously, but it seemed ok for a two person tent but I still felt that it was difficult to move around inside once all the bedding was in place. The interior is a vibrant yellow which was amazing in the morning when the sun came up because it gave the inside of the tent a nice yellow glow. I would recommend this tent to anyone who is looking for a ultra-light backpacking tent for a winter or summer environment. The tent was warm at night and breathed very well in the morning, I never got too hot or too cold inside. There was also more than enough room for 2 people once we laid down. I give this tent a 10 out of 10 because I was so impressed with the design and technology. It truly made the camping experience a bit less stressful knowing this thing wasn’t going anywhere no matter how hard the wind blew.

See more about the Solar Photon 2 Tent in this video from Terra Nova:

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