Looking for a new all around canoe paddle? Customer reviewer Shua gave this very straightforward assessment of the Ranger X Canoe Paddle from Sawyer and we couldn’t help but share.

Ranger X Canoe Paddle

“So here’s the thing- If you are looking for an all-round paddle that can take on anything from class 3+ ww to flatwater long distance touring and do it all extremely well, please let me know where you find such a paddle. That being said, this does everything fairly well and really exceeds expectations if doing a bit of both. For whitewater (had it on a trip down the Mulberry a bit ago in 5 ft of water), the teardrop blade allows for a good power stroke/pry when you need it and was strong enough to give a good lean on for a brace as well.

The Blade Face
The Blade Face

The only drawback is the face itself. Because the ends are wrapped, they are protected from the normal wear and tear, but the face itself already has a few gouges in it. Easily addressed, but not exactly low maintenance. On flat water, the slightly curved grip really helps with some of the more “complicated” strokes, and slices through the water effortlessly during recovery. Only con here is the weight. Not horribly heavy, but you still feel it at the end of the day. Again, if anyone out there knows of a paddle that does everything well, or for that matter, knows where to find big foot and a unicorn, please let me know. Or if you simply need a good all-rounder that won’t let you down, this one should work for ya!”

Shua, 5/10/2013