Pyranha's Fusion River Tour
Pyranha’s Fusion River Tour

Meant to perform in both white-water and flat water, cross-over kayaks are popular for their versatility. One such cross-over kayak is Pyranha’s Fusion River Tour complete with a drop skeg, plenty of storage for weekend camping trips & two different outfitting options specific to your intended usage. We came across this customer review from Michael E. and just had to share! Here is what he had to say:

“This is the first kayak I’ve owned and I am very happy I found ACK to get it from. The boat arrived shipped in 4 layers of protection!!! Yesterday was my first outing with it. I was working harder…but could keep up with the touring boats in speed without breaking a sweat. You just need to use proper paddling form using your whole body not just your arms. Once I dropped the skeg it ran like a dream and though I could see it plowing the water it ran smooth and quiet. We had thunderheads move in on use leaving us paddling into the wind but at no time did the wind want to pick up the bow. Very nice ride and great workout.”

See more about the Fusion in the following video: