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| May 24, 2013 | 2 Comments
The Bait Cooler from Engel

The Bait Cooler from Engel

Keeping live bait on a kayak can be a tricky, and sometimes expensive, task to deal with.  Most people just simply drag a floating bait bucket with them, but that can add a lot of drag to your boat and cause it to handle differently.  Well the folks at Engel Coolers have come out with a new product that should help make keeping live bait in your kayak alive much easier than it has been!

Included Charging Accessories

Included Charging Accessories

Introducing the new Engel Live Bait Coolers.  These are based off Engel’s popular Dry Box Cooler series and give you the ability to keep your bait alive and well during your fishing trip.  Available in a 13 quart, 19 quart, and 30 quart models, there is a size that will fit almost anyone’s needs.

The Live Bait Cooler comes with a air pump that is powered off of 2 D-Cell batteries and can also be plugged into a cigarette lighter in your vehicle to help keep your bait alive on overnight trips.  When your Live Bait cooler is full with shrimp, minnows, or whatever bait your choose, run the pump on high power to keep them lively.  As the day goes on and your bait supply starts to dwindle down, set it at a lower speed to conserve your power.  We expect these bait coolers to arrive today!  Good luck, and see you on the water.



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  1. could you please tell me what is the maximum number of shrimp and the maximum number of minnows that would work in the 13 and 19 quart bait coolers respectively. space is sometimes a concern so if we could go with the smaller 13 qt. that would be preferable. we sometimes go fishing next day and it would be nice if the bait kept overnight. we love the design and features on your products.

    • Dayvee Renee says:

      Hi Michael, Approximately 1 lb of minnows is able to fit inside of the ENGLBC13, increasing by 1 lb for each size up. (i.e. ENGLBC19 = 2 lbs, ENGLBC30 = 3 lbs). With this amount, anglers reported 3 days with no loss of bait. Let me know if you have any other questions or feel free to call us at 512-888-3828!

      -Dayvee @ ACK

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