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Ready for a secluded escape for two?

Ready for a secluded escape for two?

Do you feel the itch to get into camping, but you just don’t quite know what to get? No need to worry, we here at ACK have got you covered! Introducing the new Kelty Trail Ridge 2 – Couples Camping package and the Eureka Tetragon 5 – Family Camping Package.  We have designed these packages with the novice camper in mind. Each package provides key essentials to help build a basic basecamp that accommodates either 2 people or a family of 5. Not only that, but they offer some great savings too!

The Kelty Trail Ridge 2 – Couples Camping package includes the following items: Kelty Trail Ridge 2 Tent, Kelty Trail Ridge 2 tent Footprint (designed to help prevent any damage caused to the floor of your brand new tent), Kelty Eclipse 30 Double Sleeping Bag, Kelty Double Wide Basecamp Sleeping Pad (this will give you a little more cushion to lay your sleeping bag on and make you more comfortable), Kelty Loveseat Two Seat Folding Chair, and the Kelty LumaCamp LED Lantern.

Fun for the whole family!

Fun for the whole family!

The Eureka Tetragon 5 – Family Camping Package includes these awesome products: Eureka Tetragon 5 Tent (a large tent designed for up to 5 people), 2 Eureka Cayuga 30 degree sleeping bags, 2 Eureka Campelona Chairs, 2 Eureka Singlis ST Sleeping Pads, a Eureka Warrior 230 LED Lantern with Remote Control, and a Eureka Tent Floor Saver Square Medium Footprint.

Sometimes a new hobby can be overwhelming and camping is a great example of that. We at ACK understand this all too well and hope that these camping packages will help steer you in the right direction as you venture out into the great outdoors.

Got an idea for our next one? Let us know by commenting below!

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