We try stay on top of growing social media trends to connect with as many people as we can and that means spending time on the networks that people like to use. Google+ has been one of the latest trends and we’re very proud of our niche paddling communities and how much they’ve grown over the last couple months. The Community feature provides users the opportunity to participate in specialized discussion in just about any topic you can imagine.

While we’re a member of several, we’re particularly excited about our Kayaking Community where paddlers discuss products, share news & articles, post photos and much more. It’s a fun group and you get to see some unique paddling content all in one spot – take this recently posted whitewater fiction piece, for example.

The other community we’re happy to be a moderator for is the Google+ Kayak Fishing Community which brings paddling anglers together to talk about resources, trip reports, local tournaments, products and just about anything relating to kayak fishing. This is a very active community that also has tons of unique content and you’ll just have to check it out to see what I mean.

Check us out next time you are browsing Google+, and be sure to give our ACK profile a +1!

Joseph @ACK