A week ago at our Demo Days I noticed that our Austin store manager Justin was wearing a new pair of the Columbia PFG Boatdrainer Boat Shoes. These are a fairly new product that we started carrying back in February as part of Columbia’s new lineup of water shoes – which includes the Drainmaker II, Powerdrain, Drainslip & Boatdrainer. I decided to ask Justin a few questions about what made him choose these as his new watershoe and how he was liking them.

Justin says the main reason behind his choice in shoe was the mix of style and utility. They look just like a typical leather boat shoe but the key difference is that they dry out quick and are very breathable. He says the mix is perfect for an all day outing on the water with dinner plans afterwards – without having to change shoes.

As far as performance goes, Justin reminded me that these aren’t full out wet shoes like an NRS Desperado or Cross-4. Instead, he recommends them for recreational paddlers who don’t mind getting a little sand/mud in their shoe, as both can come through the ankle slit. When this does happen, it’s easy to clean them out – just give them a quick rinse under the hose  and let them dry out!

So if you’re looking for mix of style and recreational utility, the Columbia Boatdrainer just might be the ones for you. Let us know if you’ve had a chance to use them or if you have any questions by commenting below! Also, check out the other shoes from Comlumbia’s new line including the Drainmaker II, Powerdrain & Powerslip shoes.

Drainmaker II, Powerdrain & Powerslip Shoes