Stabilizing a camera using a paddle shaft. Source: Marek Uliasz 2006

Paddling photography offers a unique perspective that we know a lot of our customers & readers are interested in capturing. Some prefer capturing all the action with their GoPro rigged up on a mount while others might take a leisurely paddle with plenty of breaks to put down the paddle and pick up the camera. Well, however you like to do it, I wanted to share a great resource for all of you SUPing, canoeing or kayaking photographers.

Paddling with a Camera shares pictures, video, stories, reviews, tips & gear for paddling photography. It’s run by blogger Marek Uliasz, aka the Wayfarer,  and, while you might not find a new update every time you check in, is full of some very in depth articles. What makes this blog so great is that Marek is obviously very passionate about the topics he covers. He’s got 20 years of paddling kayaks and canoes under his belt and also runs several other sites including a Fitness Paddling blog and Stock Photography page. We’re big fans of his content like this recently posted article titled 10 Tips How to Avoid Blurry Pictures when Shooting from a Kayak. Encourage anyone interested in paddling photography to check his blog out!

Joseph @ACK

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