ACK Kayak Fishing Gear Guide: A Visual Presentation

When it comes to gearing up for kayak fishing, you really only need a few essential items such as your paddle, PFD, rod holders, a paddle leash and an anchor. But, when your fishing adventures become more numerous and you find yourself hitting your favorite fishing spots earlier and for a longer period of time, so will the need for more specialized kayak fishing gear. Check out this gear guide for some suggestions. - Roland @ACK

6 thoughts on “ACK Kayak Fishing Gear Guide: A Visual Presentation”

  1. Enjoyed the info. Am new to kayaking and any and all information is welcome.

    After the way yall treated me when I purchased my kayak, I will always purchase additional equipment from yall and advise my friends and family to do the same. (Loving the Moken)

    I would be a reference for yall anytime.

    Thank you!

    1. Steve, thank you so much. We certainly appreciate the kind words and of course your business. Glad you enjoyed the information. Hope to hear about your adventures! – Roland

  2. What would a rig like this cost? Been thinking about doing this for a while now bones just don’t know where to start. This info is very useful thanks. If you can email me a price list.

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