Sawyer Paddles is new to, but not to the paddling world. They are an Oregon based company that got their start in 1967 when Ralph Sawyer established the company in the small town of Rogue River with deep roots in whitewater paddling. After several ground breaking innovations in the world of paddle design, the company has grown to serve paddlers of all genres, including kayakers, canoeists and stand up paddlers.

At, you’ll find a range of canoe and SUP paddles from Sawyer available for purchase. Just by looking at them you’ll notice the unique mix of materials that gives each Sawyer paddle its own aesthetically pleasing look. Sawyer popularized the use of composite paddles when they first combined three different woods, Walnut stripes, Douglas Fir and Ponderosa Pine, with fiberglass (the same mix used in the Ranger ‘X’).Today, Sawyer continues to experiment and perfect new mixes to continue to meet the expectation of quality, performance, value and beauty that paddlers have grown to have for Sawyer. Some examples include the Laminations of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Fiberglass found in the Manta Dual Bend Canoe Paddle or the Laminated Fir, Western Red Cedar and White Ash that is used to make the Mana QuickDraw SUP Paddle Rip 100 (also available as a 3-piece).

While not every Sawyer paddle we carry is built using the same mix of materials, they all do share the touch of innovation that makes it undeniable that Sawyer is made by paddlers for paddlers. Take their Sawyer Paddles Kids Tales Canoe Paddle, for example. This very fun product is made to inspire the beginnings of a fledgling canoeist with a unique picture design on one side and a log on the other to document a child’s first canoe journeys and what they saw along the way. Of course, it’s still a high performing paddle but is meant to provide use even after the child outgrows it by becoming a perfect memento that documents their beginnings as a paddler.

We’re very excited to have Sawyer join our line-up and hope you are too. We want to know what you think – have you had any experiences with Sawyer? Thinking about getting one? Just comment below! – Joseph @ACK