How the Native Watercraft Slayer was Born

| February 1, 2013 | 2 Comments

2013 has brought on a new era of fishing kayaks in terms of comfort, stability and innovation as kayak manufacturers continue to get more and more involved with the growing sport. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you might’ve caught our post about how Native Watercraft has been taking advantage of social media to take customer input on new kayak designs through a process they call “Automatic for the People“. In that blog, we talk about how it helped in the development of Native’s new 2013 kayak, the Slayer 12 & 14. Well, the fact is, developing a kayak is A LOT more work than getting customer input, and this recent blog from Native Watercraft prostaffer Shane tells more about the process.

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  1. Michael velasco says:

    Just wondering if you all might be updating the slayer series any time soon.

    I’m sure you get this everyday but here are some suggestions.

    Give it more rocker

    make it 13.5 to 14 feet long

    Make it 31 to 32 inches wide

    Keep it simple

    Give it a dedicated fish finder scupper, and also perhaps a dedicated live well scupper in the back tank well.

    Over all I love the simplicity of the kayak , and it actually works if you catch any fish because you have a place to put them up front in the fish bag .

    I hear and read about these guys who say they store their fish in the hull of their boat in a fish bag, I would imagaine that it leaves a mess and just how do you put a 25 to 40 Lb. fish in a fish bag jammed down in the hull through a center councel, that lifts up, must be a pain, I am assuming of course that one was BTB offshore.

    I guess what I am wondering is if you all have any plans to update the kayak to be more BTB friendly .


    For your time.

    Michael Velasco

    • Larisa Manescu says:

      Michael, thanks for your comment! This is valuable information because we know that it’s coming firsthand from our customers using the products we sell. We don’t actually manufacture this product but our vendor Native Watercraft would love to hear this feedback. I will pass this on to them. Thanks again!

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