Example of a screen display on the Humminbird 1198c SI Combo Fishfinder

The ability to know exactly what lies under you while out on the water is a question we have all found ourselves asking. Not every trip produces water clear enough for you to just peek over the side of your vessel and view everything that swims or crawls across the bottom of the waters. Fishermen spend countless hours searching for that one stretch of water that will produce the most consistent bite all due to either a certain piece or type of structure, varying bottom contours, or the presence or absence of particular types of vegetation. This is where having a fish finder can dramatically help you discover the world below.

Lowrance Elite-4 DSI Fishfinder

Easily installed and very accurate, fish finders open a new world to the person using them. Newer units even incorporate a new type of technology called down imaging or side imaging sonar. These features allow the unit to capture an almost exact photo of what lies below or out to the side of your craft. Trees are shown with all of their limbs and schools of fish are shown in detail. Another great feature is the ability of most fish finder units to display a map with GPS marking ability. You can easily mark, store, and recall saved way-points that you store on the unit itself. Some fish finders also will allow you to insert small SD cards pre-loaded with finely detailed mapping software that will show under water topographical information on the screen. Fish finders come in a wide variety of sizes and capabilities which allows you to pick a unit that is specifically tailored to the type of use that you will be using it for.

Lowrance and Humminbird are the industry leaders in this field and their catalog of products covers just about every type of fish finder on the market. If you get the chance, check out some of these awesome gadgets and stop having to wonder what is below you. It’s time to start KNOWING what lies beneath!