Kayak Crabbing in California

The sport of kayak fishing is growing so much that off-shoots like kayak crabbing are starting to gain a foot hold as well. We came across a news article spotlighting a California kayak club called the Lost Coast Kayak Anglers who had put on an all-out kayak crabbing tournament. The tournament, called Crabbing for a Cause, sounds as fun as it is unique and had 15 crabbers paddling through the surf, each using their own style to haul in the biggest catch. Read the full story here.

Of course, kayak crabbing isn’t anything new to us. We carry a full line of crab traps and other products related to crabbing from Promar. Still, it is great to see an organized event revolving around this niche sport. Maybe we’ll have to look into putting on our own someday down at the Texas coast. Until then, tight lines and sturdy traps!

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