Working at an outdoor gear company does mean that I spend a lot of my time outdoors and being active. However, some days, us outdoorsy folks do enjoy a day inside and reaping the benefits of the city life. For my latest Go Play Day (a quarterly perk of working at ACK) I decided to meet in the middle.

I brought my dad along with me and started the day at Elevation Burger (a nice burger made from organic grass fed beef, and homestyle fries) and then headed for the ACK Austin store. At this point, we hadn’t decided what we would be paddling but ultimately we loaded a Wilderness Systems Commander 140, and a Liquid Logic Remix XP 10. Both of these boats are available for rental at the shop.

A couple of hours of paddling on Ladybird Lake in downtown Austin on a warm ‘winter’ day was really enjoyable. We swapped boats halfway through to get a feel for the differences. The commander is a very comfortable and stable boat, so much so that you can stand in it – a cool feature when paddling down a crystal clear creek. The Remix, is more of a creek boat. I had fun toying around with the small rapids at the bottom of Barton Springs Pool. Do not be fooled, the Remix can track very well on flat water with its built in drop down skeg! To cap it all off, we stopped in at North by Northwest for happy hour (a good one to remember), and had some in-house crafted beers and appetizers. Slightly different than my usual adventure days, this was a nice relaxing day with a little bit of adventure.

How do you incorporate a day of paddling into your daily routine?

Kristian @ACK