I don’t spend much time blogging, I often wish I did but I never really feel that what I want to share is worth sharing and inconsequential to our Blog.  For some reason last Friday 12/14/12 has me feeling different and I wanted to take a moment and reflect on the heinous crime and absolute tragedy. I am neither directly connected to anyone in Newton, CT nor directly affected but yet I still feel a moral obligation to offer support.

As a father of two precious children ages 5 & 3 I cannot truly understand or comprehend how those parents of those 20 innocent children must feel. My son started Kindergarten this year and never did it occur to me that I would have to worry about his well being at school and that he would be harmed while at school. It also hit very close to home as my wife, Molly, is an Elementary School Teacher and hearing all those stories about the teachers protecting their kids (do note that teachers refer to their students as their kids, this is not by accident) really sets teachers above almost all other professions.

Ironically, on Friday, I was at work when I received a call from Jack’s school, the nurse started out with “Jack is okay…”, this isn’t the first time I have received a call from the school and I didn’t really pay much attention before that —  they always start the calls that way. It turns out he had pink eye. I picked him up and took him to the Dr, somewhere along the way I saw something on Twitter about a school shooting in CT. It was very early on and there was no information, I forgot all about it. I came home with Jack and we were playing Matchbox cars when Molly sent me a text asking me if I saw what happened in CT and not to turn on the TV in front of Jack. It was then I realized the severity of what happened, I was glued to my phone, holding back tears in front of my son. I hugged him and told him I loved him which he responded, “Why are you hugging me so hard dad?”. I didn’t have a reason to tell him, he doesn’t need to know what happened and I would hope he never knows what happened on 12/14/12 or ever witnesses it in the future either in person or on the news.

I would be naive to believe that this is the last occurrence, after all, I am a firm believer that we power hatred and misery through the media’s insistence of reporting and almost glamorizing of the events. There is too much attention to negative news and positives are rarely reported. We can issue positive press releases about opening new stores and employing more people till we are blue, it isn’t news worthy and goes unnoticed.

I am neither a gun owner nor someone that cares to enter into the gun control argument, I find it too confusing and I don’t understand how you really prevent any of the recent events. After all, on the same Friday in China a man with a knife slashed 22 kids (killing 3) at an elementary school. Our societal problems are outside my abilities to solve and I will defer to others to solve these greater problems.

What I do feel obligated to do is provide to all the families affected on Friday in Newton, CT and Sandy Hook Elementary School.

I am personally donating this week’s salary to the Newton Memorial Fund. While this donation will not bring back the innocent children that perished on Friday we can only hope that it will provide support to ~650 Sandy Hook Elementary Students and Teachers that did not lose their life through death but rather lost their entire childhood or futures with the memories they will have to learn to live with, memories they do not deserve.

I am not looking for fanfare and my real hope is that other business leaders will step up and provide support to those in need at times like these and that somehow we can find a way to prevent these acts in the future.