Fall Brings New Brands to ACK

With Fall upon us, we’ve brought in some exciting new brands so that you can best take advantage of this year’s camping season. We try to make a habit of adding items as often as we can based on our customer’s demand and as a result our inventory is always expanding. We’re excited to share with you these new brands that we are proud to be associated with – welcome aboard new brands!

Backpacker’s Cache – Odor reducing food container designed and certified to keep out bears.
Imagine Surf - Affordable & durable starter level stand up paddle boards.
Ruger – Protective sprays to keep you prepared for any situation.
Gibbon Slacklines - Learn the relatively new outdoor pastime with Gibbon’s quality slacklines.
Gear Keeper – Handle and secure your gears, hand’s free.

Got a suggestion for a brand we should carry? Let us know by commenting below!



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