Customer Makes 600 Mile Visit, Shares Advice Transporting Pro Angler 14

| September 26, 2012 | 7 Comments

At ACK we often receive feedback from our customers but it is rare that a customer travels 600 miles just to visit! This customer shared his experience and also some transportation advice for Hobie Pro Angler 14. Here’s what Keith had to say:


I wanted to say thanks again for the courteous and helpful service that ACK provides. Every employee I have dealt has always been very helpful. I also wanted to share a couple of pictures that you may want to share with other prospective customers. Yesterday was my first visit to an ACK store, previously I ordered everything over the internet. But this time I was too anxious to wait for the shipping so I made the 600 mile round trip. Andy, thanks for prepping my order and Luke, thanks for all the assistance when I got to the store. I know it was a busy weekend for all of you with the demo-days.

I know from reading the forums that many people have questions about transporting and storage; pick-up truck extenders vs. roof racks vs. trailers. With the size and weight of the PA, this dilema is especially true. About a month ago I had purchased the Malone Micro-Sport XT Trailer through ACK. After first doing the roof rack experience, loading and unloading with the trailer was a dream. The other advantage was that with the lighter Yak (Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140), I could actually leave it on the trailer conveniently ready to go. This is possible mainly because of the retractable tongue feature on the trailer.

With the size and weight of the Pro Angler 14, everything I had read showed that you shouldn’t leave on a trailer unless using the Hobie craddles. Well the Hobie cradles must be spread 67″ and my cross bars are only 48″. So after reading and seeing that several others had used PVC pipe to support the PA, I spent $33 for some pipe, a 2×4 and hardware. In the attached pictures you can see how it looks. The boat sits “naturally” on the pvc not touching the cross bars. The Malone Saddle-Up Pro just embraces the sides of the boat fore and aft. I’ve put it on and taken it off the trailer twice today – it’s really easy.

So, here’s my review – when purchased from ACK, the Malone Micro-Sport trailer with minor modification is an ideal answer for both transporting and storing the Hobie Pro Angler 14. I will be posting this same message on the Hobie Forum.

Keith B.
p.s. I love the Pro Angler and if the weather cooperates, she’ll be spending sometime floating tomorrow! :)

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  1. Matt says:

    Joseph, I hope the system you described above is still working well for you. Thank you for the article. I searched this topic for quite some time and I found yours very helpful. I have just purchased the trailer system you described for a PA 12 and another kayak. Do you store the PA on the trailer as shown or is it only for transport? Is that 3 inch PVC and how long is the 2×4 and PVC? Thank you, Matt

    • Joseph Dowdy says:

      Hey Matt,

      Glad the article was helpful! While I am listed as the author I was actually just publishing a letter from an ACK customer named Keith. I will see about having him respond to your questions!


      • Keith Barlowe says:

        Hello Matt,
        I got the email from Joseph and wanted to reply to your questions. YES, I both transport and store the Hobie PA14 on the trailer. I used 2 1/2″ PVC (grey Electric Conduit type) mounted to 2×4 that is ~ 7 feet long. The hull curve bow and aft doesn’t need the support and if you have a PA12, the length could possibly be shorter. You really want to let the Yak’s two scupper troughs rest on the PVC for support. Unless your garage is deeper than mine, you will also like the retractable trailer tongue. Enjoy and good fishing to you.

  2. frank says:

    Great advice. I am looking to set up an identical trailer combo.
    Are you aware of any speed restrictions on the Malone Rims/tires on the Trailer?
    I have an utility trailer with tire speed limit of 55 mph stamped on the rim. Can’t imagine that would be the case with Malone. When you are on the interstates, any problems with traveling at speed of traffic (70-80 mph)?

  3. Frank says:


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